Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3017

“Wife, by the way, Mrs. Labbe, whom you mentioned to your sister-in-law, will also appear at the banquet tonight.” Callum
suddenly said this to Camryn.
Camryn lost her smile when he mentioned the young woman, whose voice and figure looked like Carrie’s.
She said calmly, “It’s just a good time to observe her carefully. Whether it’s true or not, there will always be flaws.”
Callum: “When I was fine, I asked someone to inquire and found out that she is really Mrs. Labbe, and her husband’s family
name is indeed Labbe.”
“Um.” Camryn only suspected that Mrs. Labbe was Carrie, and there was no evidence.
If Mrs. Labbe and Carrie were the same person, then it was a conspiracy. If it was a conspiracy, there was always someone
behind the conspiracy who was manipulating everything.
It might be Mrs. Labbe’s identity, and all the information that could be obtained was deliberately false information.
Camryn had lived in the darkness for ten years. She had a thorough understanding of human nature, and she did not dare to
trust anyone easily.
Except for the people closest to her, she was defensive toward everyone else.
Her own mother wanted her dead, and she really couldn’t trust someone easily.
Camryn said, “Carrie and I have been sisters for twenty years. There are many things that others don’t know. She has many little
habits that others don’t know about. Perhaps even Carrie will ignore it. As long as I see her a few more times and have contact
with her a few times, I can find the flaws.
This Mrs. Labbe appeared in front of us not long ago. If it is Carrie who has changed her appearance, Carrie will not be able to
change many of her living habits in a short period of time.”
Callum hummed, “Whether she’s alone or not, we shouldn’t alert her until we figure out her purpose.”
“I know. Your brother and sister-in-law are coming back soon. Let’s go downstairs.”
With that said, Camryn pulled his hand away from her waist. He was dishonest.

From time to time, he would touch her waist randomly, which made her feel itchy.
She was even more afraid that he would take her to bed and burn her.
Callum said, “It’s still very early. They just set off on their way back. Camryn, it’s still early; otherwise, …”
“Don’t even think about it. It’s broad daylight. Someone will knock on the door later.” Camryn refused him without even waiting for
him to finish.
Callum looked at her and smiled. “I haven’t even finished speaking, and you rejected it so quickly. Do you know what I want to
Camryn’s pretty face blushed slightly. “I’ve already figured out what you’re thinking. I’ll go change clothes, and you wait for me
“Wife, I’m happy to serve you.” Callum wanted to follow.
Camryn blocked the door, preventing Callum from following her into the locker room.
A wolf-like man.
Let him follow her in, and she will be chewed to the bone by him.
Callum touched his nose and smiled softly. “You don’t want a handsome guy to serve you. Wife, you really don’t enjoy it.”
Camryn’s words came from inside: “I don’t believe what Wolf said.”
Callum chuckled again. Camryn didn’t need his service, so he could only wait outside.
Soon after, Grandma May and others came back.
As soon as Grandma May came back, the villa would become more lively.
She hadn’t even sat on the sofa yet, so she asked Sam to call the old friends down the mountain to chat and play cards together

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