Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3020

Grandma May responded, and Camryn could only hear it because of her strong hearing.
Rosella just shouted like that, quickly pressed the window, and ordered the driver to start driving again.
“Grandma is really a kid.” Rosella muttered.
Camryn smiled and said, “As long as grandma is happy.”
“She is very happy every day. She often says that life only lasts for a few decades. Only by living happily every day can you
make your trip to this world worthwhile.”
Rosella admired Grandma May’s attitude towards life.
When she married into the York family, it was not only because she was in love with Matthias but also because of the character
of her parents-in-law. The Yorks’ tradition made her have no scruples.
Facts have proven that she did not marry the wrong person.
Ever since she married into the York family, she had not suffered any injustice for decades. Her parents-in-law treated their
daughters-in-law better than their sons.
They didn’t have to worry about the child, as the parents-in-law would raise it themselves.
Among the nine brothers of Zachary’s generation, except Rowan, all eight were trained by Grandma May and her husband.
When Grandpa passed away, Rowan was still a little baby. But Rowan had eight older brothers watching over him, so he
wouldn’t be far behind.
Camryn said, “Grandma is right; life is full of ups and downs, and only by smiling at life can we welcome the rainbow.”
Rosella turned her head and looked at Camryn for a long time, smiled, reached out and touched her face, and said, “No wonder
grandma likes you.”
They were all strong people who faced the ups and downs of life with a smile.
The lady holding the banquet tonight was in her own big villa.

The three wives of the York family and Camryn arrived at the door of the big villa and saw many vehicles slowly driving into the
The host arranged for many people to direct everyone to park their vehicles.
Seeing Mrs. York’s car, the Butler hurried into the main house.
Soon, a middle-aged woman came out with her family.
“Tania, you are here.”
The middle-aged woman stepped forward with a smile, held Tania’s hand, greeted Rosella and Madisyn, and hugged each other.
It could be seen that she was very familiar with the three wives of the York family.
After several ladies greeted each other, the lady motioned to her family to say hello to the three ladies of the York family.
“Joelle, let me introduce someone to you.”
Rosella said this to the middle-aged woman with a smile.
Joelle’s attention was focused on the three wives of the York family, and she did not notice Camryn, who was standing quietly
next to Rosella.
When Rosella took Camryn’s hand, Joelle realized that she was looking at Camryn with a smile and said with a smile, “You don’t
need to introduce me; I know this is your eldest daughter-in-law, the eldest lady of the Newman family; she is very beautiful.”
Rosella smiled and said, “You know my Camryn, so I won’t introduce you. Camryn, this is Mrs. Joelle Erickson.”
Camryn greeted Mrs. Erickson politely.
Joelle looked into her eyes and praised, “What beautiful big eyes!”
She heard that Camryn’s eyes were cured, and she could see everything clearly. Seeing Camryn tonight, Joelle believed that the
rumors were true.
She believed in her heart that Camryn was incredibly fortunate to have Callum’s love, even when she was blind. And because
Callum begged Dr. Carden to heal her eyes, she was able to see again.

These ladies had all heard about the life that Camryn lived in the past.
If Camryn survived the catastrophe, she would be blessed later.
Married into the York family as a young mistress, it would be a blessing to have her husband’s family pamper her in the future.

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