Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3021

“Thank you, Mrs. Erickson.” Camryn thanked Joelle.
Joelle said to Rosella, “Your daughter-in-law also has a very nice voice. I feel so comfortable listening to her.”
“You three sisters-in-law are all happy. You have a daughter-in-law. I don’t have a daughter-in-law yet, nor do I have a son-in-
Joelle said, turning to look at her two sons and one daughter.
The younger son was only in his early twenties and could be left alone, but the eldest son and daughter have reached
marriageable age and have not married yet.
Joelle’s daughter, Rylee Erickson, was Elisa’s best friend.
Joelle was a well-rounded woman. Not only did she get along well with Audrey, but she also got along well with the wives of the
York family, and neither of them offended anyone.
Rylee once fell in love. She concealed her identity and fell in love. As a result, her boyfriend, who had been struggling for thirty
years, found another person.
Little did he know that Rylee, who was abandoned by him, was the one who could save him from thirty years of struggle.
During the time when Rylee fell out of love, Elisa often accompanied her best friend.
Serenity, Jasmine, and others met Rylee through Elisa, but they only met rarely and were never very familiar with her.
The Erickson family held a banquet, and Elisa was naturally invited. However, Elisa accompanied Remy back to FC Manor and
would not come over tonight.
Rylee, who had overcome the pain of Lovelorn, looked at Camryn and smiled helplessly.
The eldest young master of the Erickson family, on the other hand, looked calm and maintained a gentlemanly demeanor. He
listened to his mother’s words in one ear and out the other.
“Let’s go into the house and talk. Rylee, you stay with Camryn.” Joelle smiled, invited the ladies into the house, and asked Rylee
to accompany Camryn. The two young masters of the Erickson family followed for a while and then followed their father to greet
other guests.

Rylee and Camryn walked side by side, slowly.
Rylee heard that although Camryn regained her sight, her eyesight had not completely returned to normal. She could only see
clearly in front of her but could not see clearly in the distance, just like a person with myopia.
Camryn knew why Rylee walked so slowly, and she said warmly, “Miss Erickson, there is no problem for me to walk. I can see
clearly a few meters away in front of me.”
Rylee asked, “Can’t you see clearly from a distance?”
“My vision is blurry, but it’s getting better and better. Dr. Carden said it’s still in the recovery period and can return to normal
vision.” Camryn said.
She was still taking medicine. After she stopped taking the medicine to treat her eyes, she started taking the medicine to
condition her body. Once her body was in good condition, she would be able to have the fruit of her and Callum’s love.
She never thought she would become a mother in the future.
Because of her mother’s coldness and ruthlessness towards her, Camryn hated getting married and having children. Since
meeting Callum and falling in love with him, Camryn’s thoughts have completely changed.
She wanted to have a baby, a child of the couple’s love. She promised that she would be a good mother and not be like her
Rylee said, “That’s good; your eyes are really beautiful.”
Camryn smiled lightly and said, “Miss Erickson, your eyes are also very beautiful, and your hair is even more beautiful.”
Rylee said, “Elisa and I are good friends, and you and Serenity are good friends and sisters-in-law. We have a close relationship.
You can call me Rylee.”
Camryn still smiled slightly and said, “Okay.”
Rylee felt that Camryn was gentle and generous, spoke softly and delicately, and looked delicate, making people want to protect
her and take good care of her.
Rylee said, “Camryn, you are so gentle.”

Camryn smiled and said, “Others say behind my back that I pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger. My harmless appearance hides
a vicious heart.”
Rylee said, “How could you be cruel? They were the ones who were sorry for you first. You just resisted; you just got back what
belongs to you and sought justice for your biological father. That is what a child should do. Don’t listen to those people’s
nonsense. They just don’t like you and are jealous that you married into the York family.”
Camryn said, “I don’t care what they say.”

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