Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3032

Rylee quickly apologized, “Sorry, I do not know. I drank it myself.”
“Rylee, you’re just putting your hot face on someone’s cold *ss.” Samira cut in with a bit of a bitter voice.
She still couldn’t suppress her jealousy toward Camryn. When she saw the two people sitting together and eating, she came
over with a glass of red wine.
She happened to overhear a conversation between two people. Her harsh words seemed to come out without passing through
her brain.
“Can’t Miss Newman drink? How do you usually socialize and discuss business? You can’t rely on your beauty. Yes, Miss
Newman has a good figure, good looks, and is gentle. When a man sees her, his heart will melt. There is no business deal that
can be concluded.”
As soon as Samira finished speaking, Camryn and Rylee picked up a glass of wine and threw it at Samira almost at the same
Samira was unable to dodge and was splashed with red wine on her face. The wine dripped on her white evening dress,
instantly becoming extremely ugly.
She couldn’t help but scream.
It immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
Carrie turned around, saw this scene, and followed the others around.
Mr. Labbe told her that when she saw Camryn tonight, she should not target her. When Camryn was bullied, she had to stand up
for herself. Although she was chatting with others, she was always paying attention to Camryn’s movements.
At this moment, she felt that this was an opportunity for her to stand up for Camryn.
“What’s the matter?” Carrie asked with concern.
Carrie looked at Samira’s embarrassment, then looked at Rylee and Camryn.
Camryn’s pretty face tightened, and she said coldly, “Miss Levine’s mouth is so stinky; give her two glasses of red wine to wash
her stinky mouth away!”

“Blind Camryn, how dare you throw wine at me?” Samira wiped the drink from her face, and her face turned green with anger.
The two people threw wine at her, but she did not call Rylee’s name, only targeting Camryn.
This was the Erickson family, after all.
Camryn stood up and said coldly, “You slandered me and insulted my character. I didn’t slap you, but I still gave Mrs. Levine a
face. What’s wrong with pouring red wine on you? Who told you to have such a bad mouth?”
Mrs. Levine was a generous and decent person. Samira seemed nice at first glance, but she knew people well but didn’t know
people’s hearts.
When Rylee took Camryn to greet Samira and introduced them to each other, Samira ignored her.
Camryn knew that Samira didn’t want to deal with her, so she wisely walked away. Unexpectedly, Samira approached her again
and made sarcastic remarks, insulting her character and describing her as the kind of person who signs contracts by selling her
She didn’t slap her in the face, which was already considered generous of her.

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