Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3034

Why was she so crazy? She actually made sarcastic remarks and insulted Camryn.
At the banquet of the Erickson family, with the three wives of the York family present, she actually insulted Camryn with words,
created negative rumors about Camryn, and ruined Camryn’s reputation.
If what she just said spreads out, not to mention that Callum would settle accounts with her, even other people’s opinions of her
would make her want to crawl into a hole in the ground.
She just drank a few glasses of wine and saw Rylee and Camryn chatting happily, so she couldn’t help but come over to make
trouble. She had a crush on Callum but couldn’t get it, which made her crazy jealous of Camryn, and then she sarcastically
blurted out.
She overlooked one thing.
Camryn didn’t come here by herself.
Camryn was not only the eldest daughter of the Newman family but also the second young master of the York family.
Callum, like Zachary, was a doting wife, and he doted on Camryn at the top of his heart.
Samira said that Camryn’s business was based on beauty and that Camryn cuckolded Callum. It was indeed a rumor and
slander. Camryn’s lawsuit against her was accurate.
Mrs. Levine turned around and said apologetically to Camryn, “Second Young Madam York, Samira drank a few glasses of wine,
went crazy, talked nonsense, and hurt you. I’m sorry!”
With that said, Mrs. Levine solemnly apologized to Camryn. Then she turned around and scolded Samira: “You still haven’t
apologized to Second Young Mistress York.”
Samira didn’t dare to do it again. She took two steps forward and bowed her head to Camryn to apologize. “Second Young
Madam York, I’m sorry. I drank some wine, and because of my envy and jealousy, I said some hurtful words to you. It was my
fault. I apologize to you. I’m sorry! I used to admire the Second Young Master York, so… I couldn’t help but slander you like that.
I’m really sorry. I beg you to forgive me this time. I promise not to talk nonsense again in the future.”
Mrs. Levine said to Camryn, “Second Young Madam York, don’t forgive Samira easily. Just send her a lawyer’s letter and let her
be punished. See if she dares to talk nonsense in the future and spread rumors about others casually.”

It is said that spreading rumors will break your legs. It’s easy to spread rumors about others; just open and close your lips and
blurt out irresponsible words. But it takes a lot of time for others to clarify everything and explain clearly, and they even have to
take up the law to defend themselves. Even if you take up the law, the harm caused to others by spreading rumors cannot be
Although Mrs. Levine did not want Samira to be accused, Samira was irresponsible and talked nonsense without proof. She
dared to say that Camryn betrayed her beauty and cuckolded Callum. She would let Samira be punished and learn a lesson.
They say disaster comes from the mouth.
That’s what Samira was.
Samira looked at her mother aggrievedly.
Mrs. Levine’s attitude made Camryn’s face soften a little. She said, “Miss Levine sincerely apologized to me. I cannot pursue it
for the time being, but if tonight’s incident spreads and spreads all over the city, I will definitely pursue Miss Levine. Anyone who
spreads the news about what happened tonight will be investigated to the end.
Misfortune comes from the mouth. Mrs. Levine should discipline Miss Levine well. Even if she once admired my Callum and is
jealous of me, she should not make things out of nothing, talk nonsense, and create dirty rumors about me. They are all women.
Why should women bother women?”
Women are inherently at a disadvantage when walking in society. But many times, it is female compatriots who hurt women.
When Camryn said these words, she looked around at the people watching.
She saw her mother-in-law, eldest aunt, and third aunt.
From the expressions of the elders, she saw their appreciation for her. She not only warned everyone but also gave Mrs. Levine
a face.
Samira needed to sincerely apologize to her again in front of everyone.

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