Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3039

Carrie said pitifully, “Didn’t I act very well? Mr. Labbe told me to help Camryn, and I did it.”
God knows how much she wanted to cheer for Miss Levine.
A bodyguard said, “Second Young Mistress York said those words to you just to test you.”
Carrie said, “I also have the same feeling. I feel that she is always doubting me and testing me. Fortunately, she hasn’t put me to
the test.”
The bodyguard said coldly, “I hope she doesn’t test it out.”
Although Carrie had become more stable after training, her character had already been finalized, and she still couldn’t compare
with Camryn. Camryn tested her like that, but Carrie didn’t know if Camryn tested her out.
The bodyguard had to tell Mr. Labbe when he got back and see what he thought.
Half an hour after Carrie left, the three wives of the York family also took Camryn back.
On the way, Rosella asked Camryn, “Besides Rylee, is there anyone you want to play?”
Camryn replied, “Not yet; their circle is not easy to integrate into. They don’t want to take me to play, so I don’t have to
deliberately squeeze into their little circle.”
There were a few celebrities who didn’t have any ill intentions towards her and were just being polite, that’s all.
Camryn didn’t want to deliberately make friends with them.
She wasn’t familiar with them, and they didn’t know her well.
There would be opportunities to interact with them in the future. After getting to know each other, if they were worthy of her deep
friendship, she would make friends with them.
Not worthy of deep friendship, just a nod of friendship.
Walking in the upper-class society of Wiltspoon, she didn’t need too many friends, and she wouldn’t be lonely. Just her sisters-in-
law were enough.
Rosella said, “D*mn, those friends praised you and admired you very much.”

Camryn smiled slightly. “It’s good that I didn’t embarrass you, mom.”
Rosella smiled. “How could it be? My daughter-in-law is the best.”
Rosella was also worried that Camryn would be bullied without Callum by her side, but after tonight, she no longer had to worry.
Rosella wouldn’t pick a weak person.
“We don’t know that Samira liked Callum. She has never confessed to him, nor has she ever pursued him.”
Rosella defended Callum and was worried that Camryn would misunderstand Callum.
Camryn smiled and said, “Mom, I believe in Callum. He is so good; it’s normal to have a few admirers, but it’s abnormal to have
no admirers. To tell you the truth from my mother, even Carrie admired Callum. Before my mother came in, she told her that
when she got married, she would marry into the York family and become a young mistress.
The mother and daughter analyzed the personalities of the Callum brothers and finally felt that Callum was the most suitable for
her. They said that Callum was as gentle as Jade, a few years older than her, and knew how to care for others.
They dislike my elder brother Zack for being too cold and serious.”
Rosella: “…”
She didn’t know Callum was so popular.
People who only knew that Callum was almost 30 years old didn’t have a girlfriend; they didn’t see him pursuing anyone else,
and they didn’t see anyone pursuing him.
It took Rosella to take action and choose someone for Callum. After another year, Callum took action and ended his single life at
the age of thirty.
“The son of our York family is just who she wants, and she doesn’t even look in the mirror.”
Rosella snorted twice.
Mrs. Newman really dared to think about it.
She would not like Mrs. Newman and would not allow her son to marry into the Newman family, even in the absence of Camryn.

Mrs. Newman abused her daughter by her previous husband. There had been rumors that Mrs. Newman had an affair with her
husband’s brother when she married into the Newman family as the second mistress.
The two of them even killed Camryn’s biological father for the sake of longevity.
She heard that after Camryn was born, her husband’s brother became Mr. Newman and secretly conducted a paternity test with
Camryn, thinking that Camryn was his daughter.

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