Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 3041

Mrs. Levine suppressed her anger and replied, “Camryn, the second young lady of the York family, followed Rosella to the
Erickson family tonight. Rylee had some friendship with Samira, so she introduced Camryn to Samira. As a result, Samira fought
against Camryn. She made rude and hurtful remarks towards Camryn, and Camryn threw a drink in her face.”
Mr. Levine: “How can Samira hurt others with her words? Does she turn a deaf ear to our usual teachings to her?”
“Have you apologized to Camryn on behalf of Samira? Tomorrow, we will prepare generous gifts and come to apologize.” Mr.
Levine did not ask his wife what hurtful words Samira said. But knowing that it could make his wife angry was definitely Samira’s
The couple thought they taught their children very carefully, but Samira said something hurtful. Mrs. Levine was angry and
blamed herself, feeling that she had not educated Samira well.
Mrs. Levine said, “I apologized to Camryn, and Samira also apologized. Camryn will not pursue the case for the time being. That
is because she is being generous. She will not pursue Samira, but we cannot just ignore it. Husband, I feel very uncomfortable.”
Mrs. Levine looked at her husband and said to him, “I thought that I taught our children very carefully, and I also thought that our
children were well educated… but it turned out that we, as parents, failed to educate our daughters well.”
“You see, Elisa, after learning that Zachary was married, she immediately broke off the relationship and stopped pestering
Zachary. She also never targeted Serenity. Knowing that they were cousins, the two of them got along well. Like sisters. Our
daughter loves Callum. She knows that Callum is married, but she still harbors illusions. When she saw Camryn, she couldn’t
suppress her jealousy. She also hurt others and insulted her with words.”
“Audrey has taught Elisa to be positive and kind. Even if someone says bad things about her and hurts her reputation, she is still
chic and free. Many people are not as real as Elisa. She isn’t cocky, and she doesn’t lie like some people do—one thing in public
and something else behind your back. But the daughters we teach… Oh, we still don’t know how to teach children.”
Mrs. Levine was really angry with Samira, not because Samira had offended anyone, but because she felt that she had failed to
teach Samira well. She felt that it was the couple’s responsibility because they had not raised a good daughter.
Mr. Levine comforted his wife.
Samira stood at the door of the house, listening to her parents’ words; her face turned red and white, feeling ashamed.
She wished she could find a hole in the ground and crawl into it.

After a long time, she walked in slowly.
She walked up to her parents and apologized guiltily. “Mom, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my parents’ teachings.”
Mrs. Levine looked at Samira, wanting to hit her and scold her, but in the end she just sighed and said, “You should reflect at
home these days. After reflecting, go to those remote mountainous areas to relax and help people who need your help. After
staying there for a year and a half, your mind will become more open-minded, which will be beneficial to your future life.”
Samira’s eyes were red; she bit her lower lip and responded softly, “Mom, I understand.”
Mrs. Levine said, “Tomorrow, go to Wildridge Manor to apologize. Although Camryn said she won’t hold you accountable for the
time being, we have to express our apology enough. No matter whether she really forgives you or not, you can’t resent her.
Remember, the wrong person is you!”
Samira nodded. “Mom, I can.”
She was really regretful, and her intestines were blue.
“Go upstairs.”
Samira did not dare to say anything more and went upstairs with tears of regret.
After Samira went upstairs, Mrs. Levine said to her husband, “Recently, we have to pay attention to whether anyone is spreading
rumors about our daughter insulting Camryn. If anyone dares to spread the rumors, we must cut them off as soon as possible
and put them to death. If Samira got into trouble, As parents, we can only help her clean up the mess. Who calls us her
Preventing rumors from spreading was not only to protect Camryn but also to protect their Levine family.
Come to think of it, those people didn’t dare to say it.
The York family was well-connected, and they could find out who told it.

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