Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Chapter 455

In Stonebridge where wealth and power were the ultimate currencies, the
Richardson family was at the very top of the food chain. Every whisper and rumor about them spread like wildfire.
Mary, who had been at the helm of the Richardson family through six decades of ups and downs, passed away during the first heavy snowfall of the winter at the age of eighty.
Her death marked the end of an era. Newspapers across the city paid tribute to her philanthropic legacy and her indomitable spirit.
The city had barely begun to process this loss when a bombshell dropped. Twenty years ago, the kidnapping and murder of Joseph, the IT director at Vector Vista Bank, and his wife had gone cold. The case, unresolved and nearly forgotten, suddenly resurfaced.
A journalist, who had once reported on the plight of children in orphanages, reignited public interest in Joseph with an article detailing his life and his contributions to computing that remained at the core of VectorVista’s operations.
The story of the Castillo family’s tragic sparked outrage and a frenzy of speculation online.
Social media was ablaze with theories.
“My whole family’s life savings are with VectorVista. We were inches away from bankruptcy!” one post read.
“According to my many years of expo experience, 80% of them are intrigues about wealthy families and factional struggles within the company. For a subordinate with a more critical status like Joseph, both sides must want to win over him. No matter who he chose to stand in line, he would be hated by the other party. In the end, he became angry and kills, just a poor victim”
“It must have been the fault of the Richardson family.”
“Rich people are so heartless.”
“I don’t know if anyone has heard of a girl adopted by the Richardson family. I just checked the news and it was Joseph’s daughter. There must be a ghost in my heart, otherwise, why should they adopt her?” Conspiracy theories flourished, with many pointing fingers at the Richardson family, accusing them of foul play for various reasons, including their adoption of Joseph’s daughter.
Amidst the mounting public pressure and wild speculation, law enforcement announced they were reopening the investigation.
The head of the detective squad hinted at a significant breakthrough but remained tight-lipped about the details. Meanwhile, a photo of Hanley being arrested sent shockwaves through the city, landing right on Maddox’s desk.
As he attempted to leave his office, the media frenzy made it impossible for his car to move an inch.
The relentless flashing of cameras and the crowd’s quest for answers were a stark contrast to Maddox in silence.
There were too many people, which surrounded the entire basement exit. Everyone from the security department rushed to the
was difficult to maintainene. It
It took the driver a lot of effort to retreat
the basement. Phillip wel
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Maddox out of the building in his car through another exit. S
Back to the Richardson Manor, the house is quiet.
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The mansion, usually bustling with the presence of the late Mary felt eerily quiet. The staff, nervous around Maddox, barely made a sound. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
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Maddox walked into the living room in silence, looked around the empty house, and asked in the silence, “Where’s Jennifer?” Sarah replied, “She is out.” The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest
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At this time, there was a crisis
outside. She
was not safe outside.
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Maddox frowned. “Where did she go?”

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