Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO by Ruby Fennimore

Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663
Emmanuel and Mackenzie quickly glanced over.
In essence, it was just an additional set of rules to choose from.
The first set of rules was the original old rules; the second set of rules was the
public rules, where the president was directly elected by members of the
Nuthana Chamber of Commerce, with the most votes winning.
The second set of rules also had two alternatives-either elected by 20
official members or elected by all members of the Chamber of Commerce. Without hesitation, Mackenzie chose the first option.
However, the voting results were quickly tallied. Ultimately, the second option
of the second set of rules received the most votes.
It was no surprise. Given that there were 91 unofficial members in Nuthana,
they naturally wished to become the ones who could control the Nuthana
Chamber of Commerce rather than merely play a passive role.
12:29 Fri, 7 Jun MM
Chapter 1663 The Results
“Well then. Now that the election rules for the president are set, the next step
is the election for the president.”
Stanley proceeded with the process formally and meticulously.
Mackenzie remained silent throughout, her expression somewhat grave.
Emmanuel also couldn’t grasp the situation. He whispered to Mackenzie, “Mackenzie, what do you think the Eshal Silverbane is up to?”
Mackenzie also whispered, “You’ve claimed the title of the Grandmaster, and the Quillen family has now become an exceedingly rare trillion-dollar family in Nuthana. Yeringham and Onza are both under the Quillen family’s
dominion. Logically speaking, even if Eshal Silverbane uses the second
method of election to bypass President Silverbane, his chances of success
should be slim.”
This was precisely what Emmanuel had been thinking.
It wasn’t just the two of them who anticipated this; even the few aunts sitting
Chapter 1663 The Results
behind, and even Beatrix, were hoping for the same.
Even with this method, the Quillen family could undoubtedly secure the
However, Mackenzie suddenly changed her tune as she said, “However, Eshal
Silverbane’s actions might still allow them to manipulate the process.”
At this point, Mackenzie’s voice lowered even further. She leaned in toward
Emmanuel’s ear, detailing some strategies in response.
Emmanuel nodded approvingly and smiled. “Mackenzie, you’ve got this. I
believe no matter what dirty tricks the Eshal Silverbane plays, he won’t stand
a chance against you.”
Mackenzie smiled slightly. “It’s not just me. It’s us.”
Her words made Emmanuel feel warm inside.
Terence couldn’t help but chuckle incessantly. He was delighted to see that
the relationship between the couple came stable.
Chapter 1663 The Results
It seemed like having seven children was definitely in the cards.
Once the election rules were confirmed, the official process for electing the president commenced.
Unlike the earlier selection process, with both the 20 official members and 91
unofficial members of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce as candidates,
there were a whopping 111 options available.
Consequently, voting was conducted electronically.
Everyone followed instructions. They scanned the provided QR code to enter
the voting system. Then, they discreetly logged in using their faction’s
account to select the faction they supported.
Mackenzie and Emmanuel were dissatisfied with this kind of election process,
but they followed the procedure and decided to wait for the results.
Finally, the voting results were quickly revealed.
A glance at the results caused a complotion among everyone present.
12:29 Fri, Jun
Chapter 1663 The Results
Unexpectedly, the Eshal Silverbane came in first, receiving 19 votes.
The Quillen family narrowly missed out with 18 votes.
Many factions had only one vote. They had clearly voted for themselves.
After all, this was an anonymous vote to prevent future internal conflicts
within the Chamber of Commerce.
Upon seeing the results, Stanley was also greatly surprised.
His health had been declining, especially after the recent assassination
attempt, which left him gravely injured and slow to recover. Lately, he had
been feeling physically inadequate and was relying solely on his willpower to
continue overseeing the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce.
He had always intended to pass on the presidency to the Quillen family,
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letting those young blood with a strong sense of justice manage the order of the Nuthana business community. However, the situation had now become such that he was at a loss for what to do. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
12:29 Fri, 7 Jun MM
Chapter 1663 The Results
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“Well, my apologies. Thanks to everyone’s support. It looks like the presidency The content is on
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will have to be taken up by us, the
Eshal Silverbane.
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people.” Blaze stood up immediately, smirking with satisfaction.
Bobby also urged Stanley, “Dad, please announce the results. If you’re not
feeling well enough to continue as the president, then let me—” “Just a moment.” At that moment, Emmanuel suddenly stood up and declared loudly, “I question the authenticity of the results.”

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