Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Chapter 2274

Darcie looked away and asked, “Is there power downstairs?” Someone replied, “Yes, it seems only our floor is affected.” Darcie glanced at the surveillance camera above and said calmly, “Call someone to check it out.
Everyone else, go back to your workstations.” She then looked at Jaylene.
“You should go too.
Don’t forget to review the materials I gave you.
I’ll be testing you.” Jaylene pouted and said softly, “I know, Mom.” After everyone left, Darcie glanced around and pursed her lips before heading to the stairwell.
The stairwell had no windows, and there was a faint smell of smoke.
The sensor light didn’t turn on, leaving the area dimly lit.
As soon as Darcie entered, she saw someone standing against the wall on the stairs, holding a cigarette.
She closed the stairwell door and hissed, “This is the company.
Are you out of your mind?” “Tf I didn’t, the cameras would have caught me.
How would you explain that?” The man’s voice was deep and raspy, tinged with
Darcie’s face darkened.
“You came here on your own.
Did you think to inform me?” The man’s voice was hoarse.
“I just wanted to see my daughter.” Darcie was furious, her voice low but filled with anger.
“Didn’t I send you videos of her? Didn’t I give you photos? Do you realize your current situation?” “Photos and videos aren’t the same as seeing her in person.
I want to hear her voice, see her face.
Is that too much to ask?” “Yes, it is! Do you understand your current situation?” In the dim light, the man’s expression was unclear, but his body trembled at her words.
“Darcie, now that you’ve got what you wanted, do you find my presence unnecessary? If it wasn’t for you and our child, do you think I’d be in this
situation? Have I ever complained? I’ve sacrificed everything, and now I just want to be close to my daughter.
Is that too much to ask?” Darcie’s expression wavered, and as she looked at the man’s gloomy face, she gradually calmed down, her tone softening.
“That’s not what I meant.
I’m afraid of you being discovered, afraid that all our years of planning will be ruined and that Jaylene will be destroyed.
I know you love her and miss her.
Your eyes show it whenever you see her.
I’m just worried you might slip and say something that would reveal the truth to her.” Seeing the man remain silent, Darcie’s tone softened further.
“Jaylene is like you when you were young, pure-hearted and unguarded.
She’s been raised by Wenham, believing he’s her father.
If she finds out her real father is someone who came back from the dead, she
won’t be able to handle it.” The man didn’t respond for a long time.
Finally, he said, “You never intended for her to know me, did you?” Darcie pressed her lips together.
“I did, but can you? The money you exchanged your life for was only enough for me to buy the shares Freesia Hall sold to me.
When I was pregnant, I couldn’t afford proper nutrition, and after she was born, I couldn’t even produce milk.
Poor Jaylene was weak and sickly from birth.
Where were you then? Don’t think your sacrifice entitles you to drag us down.
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I didn’t force you; it was your inability to provide for ust “Look at Jaylene’s life now. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
She’s a Saun family heiress, treated with the utmost respect.
Wenham loves her like his own daughter.
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You claim to want to recognize her,
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He took a long drag from his cigarette, coughing violently from inhaling too
The sound echoed in the empty stairwell.
Darcie handed him a tissue and waited for him to calm down.
“You can watch her and stay close, but that’s it.
Don’t ruin her life.”

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