Mr. Nelsonn Winning His Ex-wife’s Heart

Chapter Capítulo 1245

Why did Zuri always better than her? Is it because she doesn’t have the glamorous and attractive energy of
Maybe it is because she was so broken down, she decided to take a risk,
thinking of this, she sent a voice message to Nancy in a sobbing voice, “Nancy, I need to do one thing, can you help me?”
“What’s the favor?”
“As long as I can, I will help you.”
Michelle was about to cry and Nancy felt extremely sympathetic to her, and immediately assured her without hesitation.
Michelle then told Nancy about her plan. After she finished speaking, Michelle murmured, “This time I really have to take the risk.”
“It’s okay, it’s just a piece of cake for me to operate this kind of thing, don’t forget what I do for a living.” Nancy comforted her like this.
Michelle nodded lightly, “Well, you can wait at the door of Colin’s house later.”
“Okay,” Nancy responded.
Then Michelle closed her eyes and took a deep breath, calming herself down in this way, to think carefully about what to do next.
No matter whether they have broken up or were back together, she can’t sit still and wait. She has to take the initiative to attack.
From her point of view, Zuri is so fiery and she must be incapable of tolerating this kind of thing. If something happened between Colin and her, Zuri would definitely go mad.
After thinking for a long time, Michelle finally got up and walked out with the car keys.
When Colin returned from the airport, he saw Michelle standing at the door of his villa from afar and he immediately frowned impatiently.
Originally, only he and Lucien knew where he Lived, but after returning from Jamelaton this time, his parents asked him where he lived outside, so he told them about this place, Michelle must know it from his mother.
After parking the car in the parking Lot, Colin got out of the car with a blank expression.
But this time, before he could speak, Michelle spoke first. She didn’t pretend to be bitter or weak, but said directly to Colin, “I know it’s not suitable for me to come to this place, but I have something to ask you.”
“Okay.” Colin suppressed the disgust in his heart and said bluntly, “Let’s talk here.”
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Michelle’s words were exactly what he wanted. He had long wanted to make it clear and draw the Life M clearly to avoid her approaching in the future, and this was the last decency he’d save for Michelle and her parents. The content is on! Read the latest
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“Talk here?” Michelle’s eyes glinted with a trace of hurt and she couldn’t believe
it. She thought that Colin would invite her to sit at home.
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In that case, Nancy, who was hiding in the distance, would take a picture of her entKatharine his house. Then e she would find another excuse to stay inside for a while and Colin
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She didn’t expect Colin to be so hardhearted, asking her to talk outside…
This was the hottest time in the afternoon. Had he ever considered that she
might get sunstroke?
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Colin looked at Michelle’s watery
eyes and felt extremely annoyed.n Maybe there’s a magnetic field between people. He didn’t like her so-called fragility at all. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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