My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 465

465 Chapter 464
Matias was dragged to his feet, and he helplessly looked at Keira, still not wanting to leave the room.
No matter how Jackson treated Matias, the latter could live with it, but he didn’t want to involve Nara.
Perhaps sensing his dilemma, Keira sighed and said, “Haven’t you realized? No matter what, Jackson won’t let you guys off, so there’s no need to stay here. Some people have hearts made of stone, which will never
Matias looked toward Jackson.
Jackson sneered. “If your manhood is also destroyed, can you spare the culprit? Indeed, I’ll never let you I’ll torture you little by little, slowly!”
Matias’s eyes were red, and he stared hard at Jackson.
Just then, Nara grabbed Matias’s hand and signed with her hands. “Brother, let’s go. I don’t want to see his
Matias lowered his head and walked out the door with
465 Chapter 464
Matias still limped as he walked. Just as they left the room, they heard Jackson’s mocking voice. “Ha! What a pair of disabled siblings! A cripple and a mute, that’s pathetic!”
Matias’s steps faltered slightly, but he didn’t look back.
After leaving the hospital room, Matias sighed and said, “Nara, I’m sorry. It’s my fault.”
Nara shook her head and gestured with her hands. “Don’t say that! Brother, we are a family.”
Matias nodded and said, “Don’t worry. If it comes to it, you can transfer to another university, or if necessary, we’ll go abroad. My leg is almost healed now. Tomorrow, I’ll go look for a job to save money for
I don’t believe the Gill family’s influence can reach another country!”
Nara nodded firmly and continued to sign. “As long as
the two of us are together, life will be good.”
She then looked at her mobile phone.
Seeing this, Matias said, “Do you want to attend the interview at the Nora Research Institute?”
Nara nodded.
465 Chapter 464
Matias sighed and said, “I’ve also asked about the Nora Research Institute. It’s true. They don’t recruit interns. Nara, you were probably deceived by someone.”
Nara also looked dejected, feeling it was impossible.
Keira pursed her lips and said, “If you want to know if you’re deceived, why not just go and see for yourself tomorrow?”
Nara looked hesitant.
But Matias immediately agreed. “Right, let’s go tomorrow and give it a try. I’ll go with you!”
Seeing the hopeful light in Matias’s eyes, Nara hesitated momentarily, then nodded.
No matter what, tomorrow’s matter was an opportunity to seize.
Without trying, they would regret it in the future.
Seeing they had made up their minds, Keira finally relaxed. She was about to speak when she heard a
voice with a foreign accent in the distance, “I
discovered that the same family owns several bridges
in Crera!”
The secretary said. “Really? That’s not likely.”
465 Chapter 464
“It’s true,” the person with the accent continued. “I went to Oceanion and saw a sign, ‘Dumond Yore Bridge welcomes you.’ Yesterday, I went to Inevale and saw ‘Inevale Yore Bridge welcomes you’… I also saw the ‘Bidiff Yore Bridge welcomes you.’ It’s so strange in Crera. Who is this Yore family, and why do they
own all the bridges?”
The secretary was dumbfounded.
Keira arched an eyebrow and looked over, only to see an old acquaintance: Scott
She remembered that in Oceanion, she initially
thought he was a construction worker and gave him an umbrella, only later
finding out that he was an
overseas real estate tycoon.
There wasn’t much interaction afterward, and she had
forgotten about this person. But now, why had he
come to Clance?
However, they walked away, engaged in conversation,
and didn’t notice Keira.
Keira didn’t think much of it and looked away.
But the moment she looked away, she caught a glimpse
of a familiar ficure
465 Chapter 464
Was that… Doctor Matthew?!
Keira’s pupils contracted, and just as she was about to follow him, she saw him
turn the corner.
She quickened her steps, but when she reached where he had been, she found
that he was already gone.
Keira frowned.
Matthew was special to her.
Back in Oceanion, he reminded her to have her
monthly iron infusions, serving as her personal doctor.
Keira pursed her lips, recalling their past.
She didn’t know Matthew at first.
When she moved out from the Olsen family, she was
emaciated and often sick. Matthew was the doctor at a
small clinic near the apartment she rented.
The first time she experienced heavy menstruation without knowing she had
anemia, she fainted outside.
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When she regained consciousness, Matthew was taking care of her and
telling her, “The day before yourm period each month, you need to
come for an infusion, or else you’ll
faint from anemia. If you’re not treated in The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
465 Chapter 464
time, you may go into shock or even die, got it?”
Back then, Keira just nodded, looking bewildered.
Yet, she sensed a mystery surrounding this man.
He seemed related to her somehow…
He had secrets.
But Matthew was always deep in thought, so Keira subconsciously kept her
distance from him.
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Their relationship was close yet
distant. Since she couldn’t afford the o
know, with our
infusion fees, Matthew gaid, e age difference and the same surname, I could be considered your older brother, so I’ll give you free
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But Keira didn’t understand his action, nor did she
know what he was up to.
After her “death”, she returned to Oceanion in the
guise of Keera and tried to find Matthew, only to lea that he was no longer there.
She didn’t give it much thought then, but what was he doing in Clance?
As Keira contemplated, Lewis cleared his throat,
465 Chapter 464
bringing her back to reality.
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Then, Keira turned to Matias and
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