My Beloved Has Risen from Death’s Embrace

Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987, Putting On A Fierce Appearance To Deceive Others
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Liu Yi Zhi frowned slightly. Although he instinctively felt that Mo Xiao Qi’s expression didn’t seem to be fake, nor like an old witch concealing her cultivation and pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, he still did not dare to take her lightly.
After thinking for a while, he asked in a deep voice, “Dare I ask this Young Lady’s honoured name?”
Mo Xiao Qi just grit her teeth and stared at him without answering.
Liu Yi Zhi frowned more severely after seeing this. The other party not saying anything put him in an embarrassing position, but under the circumstances, he could only ask again, “Then dare I ask this Young Lady where she hails from? Upon closer inspection, Young Lady seems somewhat familiar, like a certain acquaintance of this old master’s. Perhaps… our two great forces have some kind of connection. If that is really the case, please enlighten us so that we can avoid an awkward conflict between allies and family members.”
He obviously wanted to make big things small and make small things nothing; after all, Mo Xiao Qi’s strange performance made Liu Yi Zhi unable to see through her. Anyone he could not see through was someone not to be provoked easily, lest it invite disaster to the Sect.
This was especially true for the current Maplewood City, as there were dragons and snakes mixed into the crowd everywhere, with various great forces coming from far and wide. Liu Yi believed that Mo Xiao Qi was very likely a disciple from some super force.
As long as someone with a little bit of experience was faced with Liu Yi Zhi’s rhetoric, they would know how to act and cooperate of their own accord.
But Mo Xiao Qi obviously did not have such experience and had no idea what Liu Yi and Flying Saint Palace was trying to do, so she bluntly said, “How could we be friends or family? I have never even heard of your Flying Saint Palace, so how could that be possible? How could my Spirit… I have any connection with you?”
Liu Yi Zhi’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pot as he secretly scolded Mo Xiao Qi for not understanding how to cooperate here, really wondering if this girl in front of him was faking it or was truly just that ignorant.
However, some clues revealed by Mo Xiao Qi just now really shocked Liu Yi Zhi.
Mo Xiao Qi just now had clearly wanted to say she came from ‘Spirit’ something, but in the Star Boundary, there were only a few great forces whose names began with ‘Spirit’. However, none of these forces were ones Flying Saint Palace could afford to provoke, so for a time, Liu Yi Zhi found himself in the same awkward situation of not being able to infer Mo Xiao Qi’s true origins.
Just as he felt like he was riding a tiger, a strange cry suddenly came from the crowd.
“Who?” Liu Yi Zhi was already irritated and turned to bark at the source of the sound with no trace of politeness.
Over there, he saw a black-robed figure walking out from the crowd. This individual had their face concealed, but from the voice, it was apparent it was a man, and from the aura fluctuations, this man seemed to be a Third-Order Origin King, the same as Mo Xiao Qi.
The black-robed man was naturally Yang Kai.
He really could not stand to watch anymore.
Others might not understand Mo Xiao Qi’s temperament, but he did, and he knew that if this was not handled well, even if Flying Saint Palace had scruples about the situation, they would still attack Mo Xiao Qi in order to maintain their Sect’s face.
Once that time came, Yang Kai was not sure if Mo Xiao Qi would be able to resist. Although there were many magical treasures on her body, the other party was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator who could inspire the surrounding World Principles to bolster his strength, so it was questionable whether Mo Xiao Qi’s artifacts would be enough to protect her.
Facing Liu Yi Zhi’s question, Yang Kai actually completely ignored him and instead hurriedly walked over to Mo Xiao Qi and said, “So this is where you were, Young Lady! You really made it difficult for this subordinate to find you.”
“Young… Young Lady?” Mo Xiao Qi instinctively stammered in panic, thinking her whereabouts had been revealed and her father had sent someone to catch her, subconsciously taking something out from her Space Ring as she prepared to
However, in the next instant, she felt something was wrong.
Because this person’s voice was actually somewhat familiar.
The next moment, Yang Kai showed her a little of his appearance.
Mo Xiao Qi was taken aback, and a light of pleasant surprise flashed across her beautiful eyes as she called out, “Ah! It’s you! You didn’t die!”
Yang Kai covered his face again, grinned wryly, and said, “Young Lady, please
hold back a bit next time. Although this subordinate is quite resilient, he is still not able to completely block your certain-kill strike. Subordinate had to rest and recover for many days to finally restore himself.”
As he spoke, Yang Kai shot Mo Xiao Qi a meaningful glance, fearing that this little girl who was so lacking in common sense would blow his cover. Not confident still, Yang Kai quietly sent her a Divine Sense Message telling her not
to speak.
Mo Xiao Qi nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice.
The onlookers heard this conversation and could not help wearing sympathetic looks as they gazed towards Yang Kai, like he was really a subordinate responsible for protecting the safety of this Young Lady. Not only did he seem to have the thankless job of working as a nanny, he also seemed to have to withstand attacks from his Young Lady…
“Hm? Young Lady, what’s going on here?” Yang Kai pretended to finally notice the unusual situation and began sweeping his gaze around, in the next moment shouting furiously, “Who dares to attack my Young Lady!? You must be courting
Yang Kai was just a Third-Order Origin King, so in front of a Second-Order Dao Source Realm master, he had no choice but to put on a fierce appearance in hopes of deceiving him. Not showing the slightest fear, Yang Kai wore a vicious expression on his face as thick murderous intent burst from his body, causing many of the people in the surrounding to pale slightly.
“Good good good, it seems there are really some who don’t know how to fear the Heavens! Heh heh heh, even if Sir Star Envoy comes now, he won’t be able to save you!” Yang Kai grit his teeth as he directed a piercing gaze, like that of a mad beast, at the surrounding crowd.
If Yang Kai’s fearless appearance alone was not enough to convince him, the sudden revelation he had just made was enough to cause Liu Yi Zhi’s will to
resist to collapse.
Even Sir Star Envoy Sir would not be able to resolve this situation? Just what kind of background did these two people have? Was this girl the direct descendant of some Elder of Star Soul Palace?
With Liu Yi Zhi being so alarmed and afraid, Ning Yuan Cheng need not even be
He thought he would be able to walk sideways in a small place like Maplewood City as Flying Saint Palace’s Young Palace Master, with no one daring to offend
How could he have known he would suddenly provoke a far nobler existence that even Sir Star Envoy would need to yield before?
In that instant, Ning Yuan Cheng’s face had turned pale as his legs trembled and he stared at Liu Yi Zhi imploringly.
Although the latter was a powerful cultivator at the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, when facing those peak level great forces, what did his cultivation matter? Any random Elder from Star Soul Palace could grind Flying Saint Palace
into dust.
Secretly gulping, Liu Yi Zhi summoned his courage, cupped his fists, and spoke, “This friend, please calm yourself. This is just a small misunderstanding between your Young Lady and my Young Lord. Just now, a few of my Flying Saint Palace’s blind disciples offended this Young Lady, but they have already suffered punishment for their impropriety. In light of this, I ask this friend to show
“Is that so?” Yang Kai squinted at Liu Yi Zhi.
“It is indeed. This friend, please see for yourself, your Young Lady is completely
“Hmph, if the Young Lady was hurt, do you think you would still be standing there spouting off nonsense to me?” Yang Kai sneered.
Liu Yi Zhi felt deeply angered in his heart; after all, there was a huge gap between his and Yang Kai’s cultivation. No Origin King had ever dared speak to him like this, but Liu Yi Zhi did not dare show any signs of dissatisfaction on his face, because the other party’s origins were clearly far above his own. What’s more, clearly there wasn’t just one Third-Order Origin King protecting this girl. There were likely even more powerful masters secretly watching from nearby!
As this man covered in black robes was talking to him, Liu Yi Zhi noticed him making a few inexplicable gestures with one hand towards a certain direction, seemingly informing his companions of something.
Upon discovering this, Liu Yi Zhi felt cold sweat drip from his forehead. Because under his Divine Sense perception, he could not perceive the existence of any master observing him. There was only one possibility in this situation to explain this: The masters hidden in the dark were far stronger than him.
“Dare I ask this friend… Where he come from?” Although Liu Yi Zhi was frightened by Yang Kai, he was still a little unwilling to let this matter just drop, so after hesitating for a moment, he cautiously tried to probe Yang Kai’s origins.
“Hmph!” Yang Kai sprayed heat from his nose as he swept his eyes over him and instead of answering asked, “You’re from Flying Saint Palace?” “Yes,” Liu Yi nodded, wondering what Yang Kai was asking this for.
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“You want to know where we are
from? Fine, come here, I’ll tell you, but there will be a price to pay.” Yang Kai smiled slightly as he said in a low voice, “Within three days, there will be
no Flying Saint Palace in the Southern Territory. I wonder, can you afford the price?” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Liu Yi Zhi’s whole body shivered as his face went pale.
“Do you still want to know?” Yang Kai asked coldly.
“It was this Liu who misspoke, please do not take offence!” Liu Yi Zhi was
completely scared now, so how could he dare utter anything else?
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“A group of pitiful weaklings, frogs at the bottom of the well. This King won’t waste his time with you. Since
the Young Lady has not suffered any harm, we will spare you this once, but if there is another offence…” Yang Kai glared angrily at Liu Yi Zhi and emphasized, “You understand.” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Liu Yi Zhi was already dripping with sweat, so at this moment he could not be
concerned about the Sect and even his own face and quickly cupped his fist, “Many thanks for showing mercy.”
Saying so, he quickly turned around, grabbed the still frozen Ning Yuan Cheng,
and shouted hastily, “Move!”
The remaining disciples of Flying Saint Palace didn’t dare to remain, quickly
gathering up the corpses of their fellow Sect mates off the ground and fleeing after Liu Yi Zhi.
“Young Lady, we should be on our way as well.” Only now did Yang Kai breathe a
sigh of relief and said to Mo Xiao Qi.
At this moment, this little girl was staring at Yang Kai with sparkling eyes, a look
of pure admiration on her face.
“Let’s go!” Seeing her look like this, Yang Kai could not help but urge in a low
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After all, Liu Yi Zhi was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm
master, so while Yang Kai’s bluffn
might be able to foot him for a while,
there was no telling how long it would last. If he were to realize something was amiss and come to investigate, the situation would rapidly deteriorate. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
After acting so presumptuous in front of a Second-Order Dao Source Realm
master, how could their fate be good once they were exposed?
“Wait! What about those fifty thousand Source Crystals?” The old seller called out
rather desperately.
“You still dare ask for fifty thousand Source Crystals? Do you believe I’ll take your
life instead!” Yang Kai glared at the old man, causing him to hurriedly back up.
“Let’s go!” Yang Kai grabbed Mo Xiao Qi’s wrist and prepared to take her away from here.
The next moment, he released Mo Xiao Qi like he was shocked, as blood dripped
from his palm.
“Ah, I’m sorry, Big Brother Yang…” Mo Xiao Qi finally recovered and started to apologize in a fluster.

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