My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 690

Chapter 690: 36 Hours
Xinghe replied in a low voice, “I don’t know, so I have to make sure first.”
Xinghe and Elder Shen could not do paternal DNA testing because it was meant for parents and children only.
However, she could do a bloodline test. If the result was indeed positive, then her mother was indeed the Shen family’s second daughter. After all, she had Elder Shen’s DNA with her, she could get the result tomorrow.
Mubai agreed with her decision. “This does need to be confirmed, if they are indeed one and the same, then this He Lan family is more dangerous than we thought.”
If their identities overlapped, it was a clear sign that something was wrong with the He Lan family and they were involved in Project Galaxy somehow. In fact, the He Lan family would become her opening to get to the truth and perhaps even locate her mother. Of course, the premise was that Xinghe’s mother was the Shen family’s second daughter.
Xinghe didn’t expect much from this, but the more she thought about it, the more anxious she became.
“Once it is confirmed, I will return to Hwa Xia,” Xinghe promised with a firm voice.
Mubai thought the same way. “After the confirmation, there is indeed no reason for you to overstay your welcome, you have to come back then, and we’ll come up with a solution to deal with the He Lan family.”
“Okay,” Xinghe replied without hesitation.
However, Mubai still advised her, with a tone laced with worry, “You have to be more careful when you’re around the He Lan family after you’ve confirmed their suspicions. Don’t hesitate to come to me, don’t shoulder everything on your own, that’ll only make me worry about you.”
“I understand,” Xinghe replied softly.
Mubai thought about it and added, “Why don’t you come back to do the DNA test? After all, as you’ve said, there has been no progress with the search.”
“That’s not necessary, I’ll do the DNA testing here. Don’t worry, I will take care of myself,” Xinghe promised, and then turned to enquire about him, “How about you? How’s your recovery?”
There was apparent joy in Mubai’s reply. “I’m doing well. The plan was to go visit you after two more days, but since you’re coming home soon, then I think I shall remain at Hwa Xia.”
Xinghe couldn’t help but smile on the other end of the phone. “How about Lin Lin? How is he holding up?”
“He’s just fine, but he did say he miss you, he misses you every second of the 24 hours in every day were his exact words,” Mubai replied slowly in his magnetic voice.
He meant for the words to bring Xinghe warmth, but she could only feel sadness. She too wished to be by Lin Lin’s side because she too missed him that much…
“I will return as soon as possible,” Xinghe promised.
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“Okay,” Mubai replied softly and continued in a sexy drawl, “He also
said, after you come back, he wants
to go on dates with you, to spend NO. some alone time with you, to go to bed by your side, in any case, he thinks about you every day and has many plans and activities he wants to do with you, so you have to come back soon to not disappoint him…” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
“Wait, are you sure Lin Lin said those thing?” Xinghe frowned with confusion.
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Mubai, on the other end, said shamelessly, “Of course not, those
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Xinghe was speechless.
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“Xinghe, I really miss you,” Mubai
suddenly confessed, “If a day had 36 hours, would use all 36 hours to think about you..” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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