My Substitute CEO Bride

Chapter 1389

Felicity pleaded: [Can I stay over at your place tonight?]
Hera replied: [Sure, come on over!]
A moment later, Skadi and Felicity arrived at the room.
The four of them decided to forgo sleep and instead ordered some snacks and drinks from the waiter to have a long conversation.
As they nibbled on the wings and sipped on drinks, Felicity and Skadi commiserated with each other. They chugged down three cans of beer each.
After some contemplation, Hera’s expression turned resolute as she suggested, “If all else fails, we could consider slipping something into their drinks.”
Melody scoffed. “They’re both in the Mystique Loyalty Realm now. Regular drugs won’t work.”
A mischievous smile played on Hera’s lips. “Regular drugs may not work, but what about something less conventional?”
The attention of the three immediately focused on Hera.
Melody’s eyes lit up. “Are you suggesting we ask Nash to make some pills?”
Hera snapped her fingers. “Exactly. The prescriptions from Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals are derived from Nash’s concoctions. One of the products is a potent tonic for invigorating one’s energy. “The R&D department claims its effectiveness is extraordinary. Several test subjects initially had performance issues, but after taking this supplement, they experienced a night of bliss with their partners!” Skadi blushed furiously. “That’s just an aphrodisiac. But I think Cillian has enough self-control to resist it.”
Felicity’s face was also flushed. “As for that priest, it’s even easier. A few chants and some meditation and he’ll be fine!”
Hera sighed. “Then I’m out of options-unless Nash can concoct something that makes people lose their minds!”
Skadi and Felicity were inexperienced in such matters. They felt incredibly embarrassed and awkward.
Were they truly discussing drugging their beloved men and then taking advantage of them?
Melody suggested, “Why don’t we ask Nash about it tomorrow? Dealing with someone as stubborn as Cillian and as unyielding as Jaxon might require desperate measures!”
The next morning, Nash had yet to emerge from seclusion.
Hence, Melody and Hera went to Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals.
When they arrived at the chairperson’s office and had just sat down, Eva strode in, looking excited.
“Ms. Lewis…”
Eva glanced at Melody, nodding with a smile as a greeting. Melody smiled back in response.
Hera teased as she sat in the office chair, “You seem quite happy. Did some handsome guy steal your heart?”
“I ought to wish a handsome guy would steal my heart. Where on earth is he?”
Eva rolled her eyes and said, “The person in charge of Tungsten Group
is here to discuss cooperatione 1.9
They’ve been waiting in the conference room since 7:00 am!”
“Tungsten Group?”
Hera raised an eyebrow. “They’ve actually come to us for a collaboration?”
Tungsten Group was one of the largest chain pharmaceutical companies in the country, rivaling even state-owned enterprises in strength.
With over 20,000 stores nationwide, including many in remote towns and
villages, Tungsten Pharmacy was a formidable presence.
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In the past, Hera would have been
excited and exclaimed at the
prospect. Now, she was not the m inexperienced girl she once was.
“People with business acumen always seize opportunities,” Eva said with a faint smile. “Let’s not keep
them waiting!” Hera put on her work badge and applied lipstick using a
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She had not worn makeup since she
got pregnant, even skipping lipstick at work. But for such an important meeting with a major client, she felt
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Eva placed the information of
TungstePresentatives in
front of Herd. Here are the profiles of
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The major shareholder was Elrog Blanco!
There was also the second major shareholder, Xandof Blanco!
Hera’s hand trembled, and she accidentally smeared lipstick on her face.

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