Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

Chapter 1634

Leia grabbed Ethan’s hand. “Calm down, Ethan. We don’t know what’s happening to Olivia. You have to keep Jacqueline alive.” He gazed at Olivia, who was lying on the floor. He was so furious that his nerves were protruding at the back of his hand, which was holding the gun tightly.

No one knew how much he wished he could shoot that crazy woman at this moment.

Seeing his hand slowly drooping, Jacqueline knew that she had won the bet. Olivia was the key for her to escape from here. No one dared to hurt the beloved Olivia; everyone adored her. No matter how much Ethan resented Jacqueline, his best bet was to keep her alive.

There was nothing he could do right now. All he could do was to watch Willow check on Olivia.

Olivia gestured, “Mom’s safe for now.” “Do you know if Jacqueline’s telling the truth?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I can’t find out what kind of curse it is just by looking at Mom. But I’m sure that she’s safe for now.” Still, concern sat upon her brows.

Similar to normal bugs, there were many kinds of cursed bugs. Each kind had different behaviors. Regardless, they needed tto hatch.

Willow said, “Let’s head back to Alora Village.” The only person who could save Olivia was Wendy, the old lady who lived in that isolated little village.

“Okay. I’ll ask someone to prepare the helicopter.” “Bring her with us.” Willow pointed at Jacqueline.

Although Jacqueline couldn’t understand hand signs, she could roughly tell what Willow was talking about.

As Ethan ccloser to Jacqueline, she becafraid. “Where are you bringingto? Ethan Miller, it’s best you listen toright now. Releaseand you can save Olivia.O Otherwise, she’ll-” Leia shoved a piece of cloth into Jacqueline’s mouth. It stunk so badly. No one knew what it was used for before this.

Jacqueline, who was raised in a rich family, almost threw up right then and there.

“Willow, are there cursed bugs around here?” Willow shook her head. “The cursed bugs won’t dare to do anything as long as I’m here.” She regretted so much for leaving Oliva’s side. If she had stayed, Olivia wouldn’t have been attacked.

It broke Ethan’s heart to see that the little girl was blaming herself. He carried her. “It’s not your fault. Don’t blyourself. Mom will be fine.” Only then did Jacqueline realize Willow’s true identity. By calculating Willow’s age, she realized that Willow was the baby Olivia gave birth to while suffering from cancer! Jacqueline couldn’t believe it. Olivia was mad! However, she couldn’t exclaim her thoughts because her mouth was stuffed with a cloth.

Someone casually tossed her into the helicopter. They didn’t even give her a proper seat. She was lying on the floor like a punching bag. They didn’t care about her dignity.

No one expected Olivia to be under attack. What would the cursed bug do to her? Things might go south if they dragged any longer, so they departed instantly. They weren’t in the right state of mind to care about the Fordhams. However, they had to cross the sea to fly to another country. They had to make a prior report to travel to sareas by air. Even though Ethan had sped up the procedures as much as possible, it took them more than 20 hours to arrive at Alora Village.

Willow kept Olivia company the whole time. The wound on her palm was bandaged, but she hadn’t eaten much. She stayed by Olivia’s side, constantly worried.

When she finally saw the familiar place-the woods covered in fog-Willow took out sleaves which she prepared beforehand. She told them to place it under thei nose, and they entered the place without trouble. As Willow blew her flute, a huge silhouette appeared among the trees.

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