Shadow Slave

Chapter 1660

Cassie slowly closed her eyes and turned away from the young man sitting in front of her. His delicate appearance, polite demeanor, and modest smile…
Were so unlike the frightening, unhinged demon she had witnessed in his memories.
Witnessing one’s memories was a strange affair, because what had been and what people remembered were usually two different things. Memories were vague, disjointed, and fragile, like the fragments of a fleeting dream. Some were vibrant and deeply etched, some were dull and shallow.
Some were bright. Most were full of sorrow.
But the Shadow Saint possessed an unbelievably clear memory. It was striking, second only to Cassie’s own now that she had Transcended. It was as if nothing he had experienced were ever truly erased… at least not the details of the memory he had chosen to show her, which must have been important to him. What an irony, then, that his whole existence had been erased from the world. There was a problem with reading his memories, though.
Firstly, the way the man who called himself Sunless perceived the world was simply too strange. Even Cassie, who was uniquely suited to having multiple points of view and had already experienced the way he sensed his surroundings through her Ascended Ability, found herself feeling dizzy from the avalanche of unfamiliar sights and sensations.
Secondly, and more Importantly… there were countless gaps in her recollection of what she had seen. Those were the moments where the young man pretending to be a humble shopkeeper thought, spoke, or felt something about the places and events that had been erased from everyone’s memories.
In the end, what she had witnessed – or rather, could remember witnessing – was even more disjointed than the memories of ordinary people.
The chilling images…
A young man with alabaster skin crawling from the black water on the cracked ice, his eyes brimming with unfathomable darkness. The eerie city where a terrible slaughter had taken place, but only emptiness remained. The days of slaughter across the desolate expanse of the abandoned continent, the snow turning crimson from the spilled blood. An aloof figure observing from a cliff as an army of enslaved Nightmare Creatures marched to their deaths into a raging blizzard.
The furious battle under the slopes of an erupting volcano, The harrowing strength both the monster and the man had shown. The culmination of it all… and so much more.
Cassie scowled.
Why, why was it so hard to cling to the very idea of It?
She had to know…
Countless thoughts surfaced in her mind, clicking together as they assembled into chains of logic.
He could have been sent to the Forgotten Shore the same year as Cassie and Nephis, but that was exceedingly unlikely. There had been only three people who reached the Dark City that year: Caster, Nephis… and Cassie herself, due to being dragged along by Nephis.
Or… no… had there been someone else? Her memories were vague, which meant…
Her train of thought broke apart and faded, even the memory of having such thoughts disappearing from her mind.
She vaguely sensed what had happened and tried to retrace the steps of her logic, but to no avail. So, Cassie continued to think.
And find more pleces to fill the vold.
Sunny allowed Cassie to contemplate what she had seen for a few minutes. He guessed that it was going to take her a while to come to terms with the Winter Beast’s demise.
However, she spoke sooner than he had expected. Turning to face him once again, the blind seer said evenly:
Sunny shrugged and smiled lazily.
She hesitated for a while.
Cassie frowned.
Sunny tilted his head a little.
She shrugged.
Sunny remained silent for a few moments, then sighed.
Cassie’s frown deepened.
He stared at her with no particular emotion on his face.
Sunny smiled.
«Plus, this incarnation of mine is really just a humble shopkeeper, It’s like a
vacation… I wouldn’t want my peaceful life to be spoiled. Who knows what will happen to my mental state if my only source of peace disappears in a puff of
Cassie met his gaze with her unseeing eyes, then sighed.
Her expression didn’t change, but the air in the stone chamber suddenly seemed
terribly cold.
Sunny’s smile dimmed a little.
The blind seer raised an eyebrow.
He laughed, then abruptly fell silent.
After a while, Sunny spoke in a subtly insidious tone:
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Cassie remained silent, facing him with a frown on her delicate face.
Eventually, she turned away.
<<… Time is short. The moon will disappear soon, so we must hurry to leave. I’ll be
waiting for our meeting next month.>>
A crooked grin twisted Sunny’s lips.
He rose, ready to activate Shadow Step, but then stopped.
Sunny lingered for a few moments, then coughed and asked awkwardly:
Cassie tilted her head in confusion, then blinked.
She took a step forward, coming practically face-to-face with Sunny, then placed
her hands on his shoulders.
He coughed.
< Cassie remained silent for a few moments, then elegantly raised an eyebrow.
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