Strings of Fate

Chapter 1002

No wonder Raymond was so protective of Luna—she had a son, an heir.
Jasmine grew even more infuriated. “You’re shameless! He’s just an illegitimate child. He has nothing to do with our family!”
“I gave birth to him, and that makes him a Shelbert after he changes his surname. Dad has yearned for a son over the years, and now he’s finally had a grandson. Isn’t that much better than not having a son?” In fact, Luna also didn’t expect Raymond to agree to bail her out of prison just to adopt her child. She got lucky, indeed.
She continued, “Moreover, the child’s father isn’t someone insignificant. He’s capable of assisting the Shelberts. Don’t you think Dad will value me more?”
“What a joke. If the child’s father is as affluent as you claim to be, you wouldn’t have struggled for so many years. He’s merely a child of a poor man.”
Luna raised her brows and asked Mia, “Why don’t you ask Ms. Lane over here who the father of my son is? Is he really some poor, unknown man?” Jasmine was momentarily stunned. A glint of suspicion flickered in her eyes as she glanced at Mia. Why was she involved?
Tentatively, Jasmine began, “Is the child related to the Barretts in Bern City?”
She’d heard that Raymond had been close with the Barretts lately. He seemingly wasn’t planning to work with the Lanes in Nord City any longer, as he intended to work with a new partner.
Raymond wasn’t well acquainted with Bern City in the past, but it all makes sense now if the child was related to the Barretts.
Luna smirked. “Clever, aren’t you? Congratulations, you’re right. My son is related to the Barretts in Bern City.”
Mia sneered. “He’s just an illegitimate child. There’s nothing to be proud of.”
Luna’s expression changed drastically. “What are you talking about? My husband is the second son of the Barrett family. He’s a legitimate descendant of the family.”
Mia immediately rebuked,
“Legitimate descendant? Why don’t you go ask Sharon whether she
acknowledges him? He’s just a child born out of Mr. Barrett Senior’s wedlock with some woman outside. His existence was never made known, and neither does the Barrett family acknowledge his status. What is there to boast about?”
Jasmine snickered. “Oh, so he’s an illegitimate son as well. It appears that illegitimate children always tend to hook up with each other, no? And now you’ve even given birth to an illegitimate son! Birds of a feather really do flock together.”
Luna was seething. She bellowed, “Shut up! Who are you calling an illegitimate child? My mother was the legitimate wife back then. Your mother was merely a mistress!” Regaining her composure, Jasmine quipped, “Stop trying to make yourself look good. With your mom’s poor background, it’s impossible for her to marry a wealthy man.”
Luna’s blood boiled. Noticing the limited edition bag on the table, she yelled, “Wrap this bag up for me!”
The manager, who had been lingering nearby for some time, hurried forward. “Alright, no problem.”
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between his customers and it wasn’t
related to the store at all. How be wished he could escort them away as soon as possible to avoid trouble.
However, Jasmine grabbed the bag and glared at Luke. “I saw this bag first. If anyone is buying it, it’s me. She doesn’t have the right to do so.”
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