Submitting To My Billionaire Ex-Wife by Allison Mild

Chapter 749

That damned priest has continued to infect these people with his nonsense, I
see, judging by the reaction from the townsfolk. Although, there is a faint chance that they think I’m the Queen, given that they’ve never seen an ant of my size before. As nice as it is to think that these people might be paying homage to Mother, the thought is only faint, deep down I know exactly what these people are thinking. Should I strike a pose? No, too tasteless.
I walk down the side of the anthill, taking notice of the severe drain on my mana as I do so. Despite my best efforts, and the well above average mana in the air, I just can’t bring in anywhere near enough energy to satisfy the demands of my core. The mana bleeds out of me with every step that I take and it rapidly becomes clear than I won’t be able to stay above ground for long. Having evolved to tier six, the surface really is barred to me from this point on.
Which raises an interesting point. According to what I’ve learned of the history of this place, the ancients are the biggest and baddest monsters Pangera has ever seen, what tier they are, goodness knows, but somehow they were out and about on the surface during what was effectively the very first ‘wave’. Exactly how much mana was there flooding out of the Dungeon to produce the conditions for tier ten or above monsters (I imagine) to survive up here?! The mere thought of it is enough to make me shudder.
Regardless, I do my best to power my core as I continue toward the town of Renewal.
Word of my appearance atop the hill must have spread quickly, since I find Enid leading a delegation towards me as I approach the first buildings. I don’t recognise most of them, though there are a few faces that tickle my memory. That guard guy is here, along with a scattering of others I recognise from the siege. Of course Beyn is here. Goodness gracious this guy has nothing better to do than hound me, does he? Casting my eyes about, I can see a gaggle of antmancers sprinting toward us at full speed, their antennae flopping wildly in the breeze. I’ll never be free of these idiots.
Sighing internally, I weave together a quick mindbridge and extend it toward Enid.
[Here, as requested,] I announce.
She smiles broadly at my pronouncement.
[I’m glad you were able to make it,] she says, [I appreciate you coming even though I’m sure it isn’t comfortable for you.]
She’s got that right.
[You aren’t wrong. I’m leaking mana all over the place and it is far from a good feeling, if I do say so myself. As much as I’m looking forward to the tour, we’re going to have to keep it relatively quick I’m afraid.]
[Of course,] she nods, [let’s not waste any more time then. This way, please Anthony.]
With a sweeping gesture she indicates the direction we are to travel and then falls in beside me as we start to wander through the town.
[It’s kind of bizarre to walk next to you like this,] I observe, [back when I first met you, I was what, tier three? Four? You were taller than me back then!]
She laughs.
[I have to agree, you monsters sure do grow up quickly compared to a human, how long have you been alive? A year? Already tier six! It’s a dizzying speed by normal standards, at least as I understand these things. I suppose the repeated waves and all the trials you’ve been through have at least had the welcome side effect of helping you grow to your current size.]
I’m certainly a heck of a lot bigger than I was back then. In my previous evolution, I was roughly the size of a van, with my head positioned around chest height on an average human if my legs were set at a natural angle. Now though, I’m at least fifty percent larger, bigger than a minibus, smaller than an actual bus, my weight must be pushing into multiple tons. It’s certainly a bit of a change from a human body! Even if my head is only slightly above Enid’s at this point, my sheer size and mass when moving around make me feel truly large, to the point I take up a good portion of the roads as we walk.
As we make a slow tour, Enid is a talkative guide, filling me in on the work that’s been done in the town, telling me stories of the many new residents and their circumstances and the ever expanding plans for new development. It’s clear she’s immensely proud of the people, praising their tireless work ethic and indomitable optimism in the face of disaster.
[I keep having to warn you, Enid,] I say, [you can’t just start praising people’s work ethic in front of an ant!]
[Oh, pish,] she grimaces with good humour, [these are good people and they’ve worked day and night. Just because we need sleep doesn’t mean you should look down on us.]
[You know very well that we need to rest. You’ve been down there long enough to see…. Them… at work.]
[Oh, yes,] she shivers, [creepiest thing I ever saw. Ironically, I couldn’t sleep a
wink that night.]
[As long as they don’t find out about it, you should be good…]
She freezes.
[They don’t come for people do they?]
[As of yet I’ve made no comment to the Colony about how much humans should
sleep, so I think you’re safe.]
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She breathes an obvious sigh of relief
at my words and we continue our walking tour. Everywhere I look there are humans working and cooperating alongside the many ants that m observe and assist them in their
labour. There are members of the
Colony everywhere, in the fields
tending to crops, anywhere
something is being built or crafted or
traded, an ant is there. It’s remarkable
how comfortable the people have become around us, there isn’t any
sign of discomfort or antagonism that I can detect. It’s honestly impressive. The content is on! Read the latest
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[I really didn’t expect the Colony to integrate so well with your people,] I observe
to Enid.
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[I didn’t expect the people to integrate
so well with the Colony,] she smiles, [in times of crises people may be more amenable to a change of attitude. After their homes were! fter their destroyed by Garralosh and her
horde, these people fled here and then relied on another group of monsters to put their lives back together. Did you know that small groups have broken off to establish new villages alongside the Colony’s new surface nests? These people are determined to follow your family no matter where they will go.] The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
[Isn’t that mainly the priest’s fault?] I grumble, flicking an antennae toward the
one-armed man bouncing along in my wake like a puppy who needs attention.
[In part. But do you really think these people would have been so willing to accept what it was that he had to say if not for aid and assistance they’ve
received on a daily basis from the Colony?]
[Probably not,] I admit.
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Looking around, I can see humans of
all ages gathering to watch me and my pets as we walk past. There’s no fear, or nervousness in their faces, only joy and excitement. It’s a nice feeling, I suppose, to be able to help to people and have them be happy to see you when you come back. It’s the kneeling and praying that I have issue. with… because they are there as well, groups here and there, hands clasped to their chest as they whisper prayers under their breath and in their hearts. This one wants me to bless them
with children, this one is wishing for me to harden their determination to
work hard. Yet another is earnestly praying within their soul to be reincarnated as an ant in their next life. Sorry chief, I’m not sure it works
that way for people in this world… The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Although, who knows? I’m certainly not the authority on Gandalf’s rules. Tell you
what mate, I’ll put in a good word for you next time I see the bearded one,

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