Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1450

1450 Saint.
“So this is where you have been huh…
Not attending the last 10 yearly sessions and leaving your master alone, you have become quite daring, haven’t you?”
Aeliana spoke in a playful tone as she glanced at the man sitting on the ground with his forehead on his knees.
Momentarily, Aeliana’s expression changed when she noticed Nux’s state, soon however, she put on her fake smile again and, “You even went as far as taking away my permission to come here, huh? Quite daring indeed.”
This wasn’t Aeliana’s first time coming inside [Core], in all these years, [Core] had become something like a hiding spot where Aeliana and Nux spend time with each other, not being bothered by anything outside. It was their little escape from all their worries, however… “Master…”
Aeliana’s fake smile broke the instant she saw Nux’s eyes.
“Nux…” she called out, worried.
“I still cannot form my Law…”
Nux spoke.
Let alone a Law, he didn’t even find a single clue to forming his Path or reaching the Assimilation stage.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in the past 1000 years, he hadn’t made any progress.
Not only that,
“Nux… you need to break through…”
Aeliana, who could easily see through the illusion Nux had used to change his appearance, could see how his face was now wrinkled and his hair had greyed
His Life Span was reaching its limit.
“If I break through, then the System woul-“
“It doesn’t matter.”
Aeliana interrupted.
Nux stared at her master and Aeliana continued,
“Even if the System gives you a Path or a Law and you are forced to walk on that path, it doesn’t matter.
You simply need to conquer the path the System showed to you and make it yours.
There is no need to worry about the creator or whatever,
I am here.
I will protect you no matter what happens.
I will protect you no matter who you face.
Stop worrying, Nux. We are strong.
So stop acting like this and do what you are supposed to do. You are not a child anymore.
Not everything will go as you predict, sometimes, you are forced to take an undesired path but that doesn’t mean you should stop your steps.
This is the moment where you step forward and conquer everything the universe throws at you.”
Aeliana’s words were impactful and were able to get a reaction out of Nux’s dead eyes. Nux was silent the entire time, Aeliana didn’t say anything either.
The two continued to stare at each other and 15 minutes later,
“I wish to return to Yrniel for a moment.”
Nux spoke up.
Aeliana narrowed her eyes, she could obviously tell what her disciple wanted, and right now, seeing his state, this was the last thing she wanted him to do, however, knowing that her disciple had made up his mind and that there was nothing she could do to stop him anymore, she nodded, “I will come with y-” “Alone. I wish to go there alone.”
“It has been a while since I have asked something from you, Master. Please let me do this.”
Not showing any reaction, Aeliana threw an artifact towards Nux. It was an artifact that allowed him to return to Yrniel.
Without waiting, Nux exited the Core and teleported to Yrniel. With one thought, the Slave Seal’s link was established again.
‘Where are they?’
He questioned despite already knowing the answer.
Of course, the Slaves he contacted weren’t the Slaves from the Forgotten Continent, all of them had long passed away. These were the Slaves from the
Lust State.
They were Aisha’s subordinates he had secretly enslaved to keep an eye on Aisha and other women.
The slaves, who had heard his voice after a long long time, were surprised. However, the moment they understood the meaning behind his question Nux,
their expressions changed.
They didn’t know how to answer.
‘I asked a question.’
Nux narrowed his eyes.
He wasn’t exactly in the mood to be patient right now.
The Slaves felt a shiver down their spine when they sensed Nux’s tone, the horrifying pain that they felt was still as freshly imprinted in their mind as it could be even though 1000 years had passed.
‘Lady Felberta has passed…’
One of the braver slaves answered Nux’s question. Following his actions, others answered as well, ‘Lady Skyla and Lady Lane have passed as well.’
‘Lady Edda isn’t alive either…’
Felberta, Skyla, Lane, Edda, Allura, Thyra, Evane, Riona, and Ember all nine of them had passed away. The only ones alive were Astaria and Amaya and even
they weren’t doing any better now.
Astaria was on her deathbed. Despite becoming Sage and being talented enough to break through to Great Sage and even Semi Saint Level, the problem
was that the woman had already used up most of her potential back in the forgotten continent.
Breaking through the Great Sage Stage turned out to be more difficult than expected, the woman was also held back by the people of her Kingdom, unable
to focus on her cultivation.
In a few decades, she would pass away as well.
Amaya, on the other hand, was in a somewhat better situation, standing up to her potential, she soon joined the Devouring Demon State and with her intellect, found a standing for herself. She also took the Trials and became a Devouring
Mist Demon with King Level Bloodline.
She was currently a Great Sage who had the potential to reach the Divine Stage, however, right now, the woman was surrounded by enemies who were dissatisfied with her sudden rise and was having a difficult time.
Other than Amaya, Aisha and Melia were also doing well and were very much
alive, and Nux, who was secretly observing them with a heavy heart finally
closed his eyes and turned around.
“What is he now?”
Aeliana, who was watching everything from afar questioned.
Since Nux was using Essence to conceal his presence, even she couldn’t see
him, therefore, she brought someone who could.
As for Nux saying not to follow him?
She was the Master here. She could do whatever she wanted.
She was no fool, she would never leave Nux alone, especially when he was in
such a vulnerable state.
Who knows what foolish action he might take?
“Nothing… he is just… walking…?”
Faustina answered with an unsure look on her face. She had interacted with Nux
quite a few times before, however, this was the first time she had seen this side
of his.
“What is his expression like?” Aeliana completely ignored Faustina’s confusion
and questioned.
“I don’t know… it is quite neutral. It is as if he is not thinking anything… or…”
“Or he is suppressing his emotions.”
Aeliana completed Faustina’s words.
“Right.” Faustina nodded.
A grave expression appeared on Aeliana’s face. The fact that she couldn’t see
Nux made it even more frustrating for her.
Suddenly, a frown appeared on Faustina’s face as she saw Nux’s next actions.
“What happened?” Aeliana questioned in a hurry.
“He is… cultivating…”
Faustina answered with a ridiculous look on her face.
Just now, he was acting like his entire world was torn apart and… now he was
Just how in the hell did his head work?
Faustina was confused, and so was Aeliana.
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The two women, however, weren’t given time to think about this situation as the moment Nux Began
cultivating, the Mana around him, that he had been rejecting for over 1000 years, immediately rushed towards him and, BOOOOOM The
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With a huge blast of Mana, Nux broke through. The Mana blast was so strong
that cultivators thousands of kilometres away were alerted by it. Aeliana, forced to make a move, waved her hand, isolating the area.
Sensing that someone had isolated the area, Nux realized that Aeliana was here, having nothing else to worry about, he continued his cultivation, stabilizing himself and letting his body change.
His greyed hair regained their colour, wrinkles on his face disappeared and he
soon regained his youthful vigour.
Nux, however, ignored all his changes, his eyes were focused on the System
Message that had appeared in front of him.
[Congratulations to the Host for becoming a Saint Stage Cultivator from a Semi
Saint Stage Cultivator.] [Blank Points: +1000]
[Unlocked: Heal]
[Description: Ability to Heal other beings.]
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[The Host can now heal any living
being. Whether it is an injury, poison
or an illness, as long as the Host enough Essence, anyone can be healed back to full health.] [No magic
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[There is no casting time or cooldown time. The ability can be used as long as
the Host has Essence] [The ability cannot be used on the Host.]
Nux stared at the screen in front of him with a shocked look on his face.
He… He unlocked a new system ability…
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But that’s not what he was surprised
about. It didn’t matter how useful or
useless the ability he received was… the fact that he got an ability’ instead of a ‘Path’ or something related to his Law from the system meant… ‘The System doesn’t have any Law prepared for me… The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
T-Then how am I supposed to form a Law…?’

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