Tame Me My Brother -in-Law

Chapter 1390

She managed to stay calm when Tungsten Group took the initiative to discuss cooperation with them.
However, with all the co-founders of Tungsten Group present, the pressure on her multiplied.
Ten minutes later, Hera walked into Conference Room No. 1 at Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals with Eva and Yasmin.
All the members of Tungsten Group stood up.
Eva stood next to Hera and introduced, “Ms. Lewis, this is Mr. Elrog, the major shareholder of Tungsten Group!”
Hera reached out her hand and smiled, “Hello, Mr. Elrog!”
Elrog smiled slightly. “Hello, Ms. Lewis!”
Eva continued, “And this is Mr. Xandof, the co-founder of Tungsten Group!”
Xandof seemed to be in his 30s. He wore glasses and looked gentle.
When Eva introduced them, he looked up at Hera, feeling somewhat shocked.
This woman was simply beautiful.
At least, there was no one this attractive in his company.
However, after just one glance, he withdrew all his thoughts and extended his hand gentlemanly. “Hello, Ms. Lewis!”
Hera smiled gracefully. “Hello, Mr. Xandof!”
Then, Eva introduced the other senior executives of Tungsten Group one by one.
All these executives were at the level of general manager.
After shaking hands and exchanging greetings, both sides took their seats.
Elrog got straight to the point. “I believe you should already have some understanding of Tungsten Group, Ms. Lewis. I won’t beat about the bush.
“We usually have two ways of collaboration. One is for our company to purchase your products in bulk, and the other is for your products to be stocked in all our Tungsten Pharmacy stores!”
Hera leaned back in her chair, and her lips slightly parted. “I choose the second way of cooperation. Also… can we have dedicated counters?”
Clients who cooperated with Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals were all
distributors, consistent with the first method Elrog mentioned.
Since it was pharmaceuticals, it
would be inevitable to deal with
prescriptions. If Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals could have
dedicated counters at Tungsten net
Pharmacy, it would not only profitable but also boost
réputation of Southern
Pharmaceuticals. Content belongs
to FindNovel.net
“Sorry, we don’t offer dedicated counters at Tungsten Pharmacy!” Elrog firmly rejected this condition.
For Southern Heaven
Pharmaceuticals to have dedicated counters at Tungsten Pharmacy…. It was akin to a big restaurant allowing other small food stalls to setup shop right at its doorstep. Content
belongs to FindNovel.net S
Hera’s beautiful eyes wandered, and she asked again, “So, what are the fees for stocking our products at Tungsten Pharmacy?”
Elrog turned to look at a woman in her 30s beside him.
She was wearing professional attire, with a stack of documents on the table.
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She pushed one of the documents toward Melody and said softly “This
is our cooperation proposal. Ms. Lewis, please take a look!” The
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The office desk was large, so the woman could only push the proposal to the middle.
Hence, Yasmin leaned over and brought the proposal to Hera, flipping it open.
Hera carefully examined the proposal.
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The office fell silent. Eva initiated a conversation, smiling as she asked, “Mr. Elrog, did you come to Jonford personally for Gladwell’s grand opening ceremony?” Elrog smiled faintly. “Ms. Sonders, are you also
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The launch of Gladwell?
Hera, who was reading the proposal, had a sudden realization.
She suddenly remembered that Gladwell was developed by Northway Real Estate, whose CEO was Elrog.
Eva smiled. “The news of Gladwell’s
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launch today has spread like wildfire
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Elrog said with great interest, “Ms. Sonders, how about I give you a villa if you come to work for my company?”
As soon as this statement came out, the senior executives of Tungsten Group sighed in exasperation.

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