The Day I Kissed An Older Man

Chapter 1600

Melinda no longer wished to talk about Sophia with Lilin. “Let’s leave it at that, Lilin. Now go spend some time with Benjamin.”
Lilin shrugged and turned her head to look at Benjamin. He was busy playing with his toys on the other end of the sofa. “Benjamin’s changed a little, Mom.”
Melinda glanced at ‘Benjamin’ curiously and asked, “How so?”
Lilin tilted her head and said with frustration, “He used to be very quiet. He never talks, and he never smiles a lot either. He was a bit distant with me when we met today, but he became talkative later on.”
Melinda felt that her daughter might have been overthinking things.” Children are like that. They tend to open up once they get used to their surroundings.
Don’t read too much into it.”
Lilin, however, was convinced that things were not as simple as they seemed. “I just can’t help but feel that Benjamin looks like someone I know, someone I’ve met before.” “And who might that be?” Melinda asked.
“I don’t remember,” Lilin answered with a frown. “He just looks really familiar to me.”
Melinda patted her daughter’s head and teased, “You’ve just watched too much TV. All those unexplained things you see from those shows aren’t real, you know! Don’t dwell on it. We’ll have a nice family dinner later tonight, so in the meantime, you can play with Benjamin and keep him company.” “Okay,” Lilin answered as she walked toward Benjamin. ‘Family dinner? As if I’ll ever see Sophia as part of my family.’ When Lilin came to ‘Benjamin’, he asked for her assistance with the toy. He had struggled with it for a while because he could not attach the arm. ” Could you help me with this, Aunt Lilin?”
Lilin regained her focus. She looked at the toy that ‘Benjamin’ handed to her, then at ‘Benjamin’ himself. She then took the parts and assembled them swiftly.
It was not a difficult task, but ‘Benjamin’ simply lacked the strength to attach the arm into place.
‘Benjamin’-or rather, Bryan-was delighted to see the fully assembled robot. It did not interest Lilin much thought, so she stretched her waist before saying, “Be a good boy and play here on your own. I have homework to do.” “You have homework, too?” asked the confused Bryan.
“Yeah, of course,” Lilin answered. “The teachers at my school have lots of homework for US.”
Bryan seemed to sympathize with her, so he carried his toy and went with her.
“I’ll keep you company!”
Lilin frowned. “Okay. But you’re not allowed to distract me.” “I won’t,” Bryan promised.
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Once they entered Lilin’s room, she laid her homework out on the table She accidentally dropped a few paintings, but Bryan was quick to pick them up for her. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
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Bryan admired the beautiful scenery in the paintings and asked, “Did you paint these? Yeah,” Lilin nodded as she collected her paintings and put them away.” Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel
They’re my art homework.”
Curious, Bryan asked, “Was this all from your imagination, or do these places really exist?”
Lilin answered, “They exist. I painted them during a field trip with my art teacher.
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The actual location is even more beautiful than the paintings.”1 Bryan felt a tinge of envy when he realized he had never gone on faraway trips before. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel

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