The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1577

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1577
Thompson Mansion.
Since the plan to trap Asmodeus failed miserably, the Thompsons‘ team of martial artists, which included Angus himself, finally
returned home.
At this moment, Arthur and the rest of the Thompsons, including Vivian and Yuri, were waiting in the living. room anxiously for
news of Angus‘ return.
Now that it was three hours since Roanne’s kidnapping, Vivian was worried sick about the lack of news from Angus‘ side, and
could barely keep herself still.
“Thud, thud, thud-”
All of a sudden, footsteps rang out as Angus and the rest of the martial artists finally returned.
“What’s going on now, Angus? Where’s Roanne? Did you manage to save her?” Vivian was the first to approach them nervously
at the sight of her husband.
“No,” Angus shook his head, and there was not a hint of color on his face.
“What?” Vivian felt as though she was struck by lightning. All her hope seemed to disintegrate with that one
Then, without warning, her legs gave out beneath her, and her vision went dark as she crumpled to the ground.
Thankfully, Yuri managed to catch her just in time.
“How can this be Angus? Didn’t you say you’d be able to save Roanne? Why aren’t you saving her now? why didn’t you manage
to save her?” Vivian grabbed hold of her husband, her eyes brimming with frantic tears.
“Vivian, I’m sorry, but I,” Angus opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. He initially thought that Asmodeus
would never stand a chance against them, considering that with the other families‘ help, they overpowered him significantly.
However, to their surprise, plenty of people emerged out of nowhere to help Asmodeus escape, which was how their plan failed!

“What use does sorry make? Will your apology bring Roanne back? Now that Asmodeus has escaped, what will happen to my
precious Roanne?” Vivian wailed.
“I,” Angus was speechless at this. His heart sank at the realization that he did not know how to face his wife.
He knew that Asmodeus was a ruthless person, and coupled with the fact he and the Thompsons had a vengeance that ran
back, Angus knew that Roanne had a slim chance, if any at all, of making it out alive!
Even he found it difficult to accept this fact, much less explain it to his wife!
“If we knew things would turn out this way, we should’ve listened to Leon. Maybe he could’ve saved Roanne,
Vivian sobbed. She gained a lot of trust in Leon ever since he successfully treated Roanne’s condition.
Although Angus did not believe in Leon’s capabilities when he offered to help track Asmodeus down, she believed him, but
because of Angus‘ insistence, Vivian decided to go with her husband instead, considering
the urgent nature of this.
However, it turned out that her husband was not capable of rescuing their daughter at all!
“Yes, we should’ve believed in Mister Wolf!” Yuri, too, was regretful of this, but it was too late now.

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