The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1582

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1582
“Well, the truth is, I knew I was no match for Asmodeus at all, and so before tracking him down, I contacted the Dragon Corps to
send out an elite member of their team to help me. That was how I managed to kill Asmodeus and save Roanne,” Leon
The only way he managed to slaughter Asmodeus was with the help of the Potential Energy Force, which was gifted to him by
Master Haslewood, who was indeed an elite member of the Dragon Corps, so technically, was not too far off from the truth!
“Oh, that sounds about right!” Arthur and the rest of the Thompsons gasped in realization.
Although Leon’s explanation was full of loopholes and was far less convincing than Roanne’s version of the story, they would
rather believe that Leon employed the Dragon Corps‘ help in killing Asmodeus than think a young man like him was capable of
pulling off a feat, not even the entire Thompsons family could!
Therefore, they were far more inclined to believe Leon’s story than anything!
However, not everyone was fully convinced -Angus was still a little dubious of Leon’s story, but he chose not to say anything.
“Thank you, young man! Not only did you save our precious Roanne, but you even joined forces with the Dragon Corps to get rid
of Asmodeus once and for all. I hereby thank you on behalf of the Thompsons, and your kindness will be forever engrained in
our hearts,” Arthur said gratuitously.
The rest of the Thompsons followed suit and cast Leon glances of gratitude.
Asmodeus was so good at evading capture that the entire Thompson family were wracking their brains trying to find him for a
very long time now, considering they had a long history.
Not only that, but after this incident, the Thompsons were even inclined to adopt a position of defense and heighten their guards
to prevent Asmodeus from sneaking in again.
However, fate worked in their favor, and Leon managed to solve their problem entirely by tracking Asmodeus down and
slaughtering him with the Dragon Corps‘ help!
One could only imagine how relieved they were at this!

“Don’t flatter me, Mister Thompson,” Leon gave him a smile in return. Knowing that Arthur was just being courteous, he did not
take his words to heart.
“Alright, now that Asmodeus has died and Roanne is safe and sound, this has all finally come to an end! We’ve all been busting
our heads the entire day trying to track Asmodeus down, and now it’s time we rest!” Arthur declared before dismissing the
Everyone went their separate ways and returned to their bedrooms.
“Mister Wolf, please come with me. I have something I need to talk to you about,” Angus said, gesturing for
Leon to follow him.
“Alright.” Leon nodded and followed them out of the room.
Angus led them into the living room of their living quarters, where the first bloodline of the Thompsons
“Mister Wolf, I sincerely apologize for choosing not to believe you when you said you’d be able to find Asmodeus. I thought you
were being overly optimistic, and thinking back, I now realize what an oversight it was on my part,” Angus apologized to him.
Because he did not believe in Leon the first time, Leon’s task heightened significantly in difficulty, but not only did Leon not hold a
grudge over that, he even single–handedly rescued Roanne from right under
Asmodeus‘ nose!
Aside from owing Leon his gratitude, Angus could not help feeling ashamed and remorseful of his ignorance.

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