The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1583

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1583
“That’s okay, Mister Thompson. Now that everything has passed and Roanne is safe now, you can stop blaming yourself for
this,” Leon replied.
“The point is, thank you for saving Roanne. If you didn’t risk your life to rescue her, who knows where she could be by now!”
Angus bowed, trying to show sincerity in his apology.
“He’s right. Thank you, Mister Wolf, for everything you’ve done.” Vivian and Yuri followed suit.
“Don’t flatter me, Mister Thompson. Yuri and I are friends, and considering how much you’ve helped me and Cynthion Group,
this is the least I can do,” Leon said, smiling.
“Mister Wolf, we owe you so much, and I don’t even know where to begin repaying your kindness! If there’s anything I’d be able
to help you or Cynthion Group with, please do not hesitate to let me know, and I will do everything in my power to help!” Angus
said earnestly.
Leon saved his daughter from the brink of death, and there was no way he would get away with just a few words of thanks. He
wanted to give Leon a hefty sum of money in payment for his good deed, but considering that Leon refused to accept payment
for curing Roanne, and the fact that Cynthion Group was doing well financially, Angus knew that Leon would not accept the
Therefore, he invited Leon to his living room to ask if there was anything he could help out with so that he could repay Leon’s
kindness in one way or another.
“Well, there’s something I’d like to ask of you!” Leon was reminded of the Elegante Group.
He came to visit the Thompsons that morning to check on Roanne and to invite the Thompsons to join in as a shareholder of
Elegante Group. Now that the timing was perfect, he seized the opportunity to sell this idea to Angus.
“You want us to become a shareholder of Elegante Group? No problem!” Angus was quick to say yes. Although he was not too
familiar with Elegante Group’s business model or future potential, Leon’s achievements spoke for themselves, and now that Leon
was inviting them to run a business with him, was an opportunity that he could not pass up!

“However, if you want us to help you buy out a cosmeceuticals company, it would not be a difficult feat, but I can’t say the same
for becoming a shareholder,” Angus said after some thought.
“It’s okay. If you don’t think it’s right to become a shareholder just yet, Mister Thompson, you can always help me buy out the
company first, and we can talk about shares at a future date.” Leon had no choice but to relent, but he was secretly disappointed
by this.
The Thompsons were the most powerful family in the Southern region and thus held powerful influence over the market. If the
Thompsons were willing to become a shareholder of Elegante Group, it would no doubt be beneficial for Elegante Group’s
growth and potential!
On the contrary, if the Thompsons were not willing to join, Elegante Group would require significant time and effort to grow their
business here in the Southern region!

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