The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1585

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1585
“Alright, that’s settled! I’ll buy out a cosmeceutical company as soon as I can, and once I do so, I’ll get in touch with you so we
can sort out the details,” Angus said solemnly.
“No problem! If there’s nothing else you want to discuss, Mister Thompson, I’ll be off now.” Leon bade them goodbye and left the
mansion, on his way back to collect Asmodeus‘ body to hand over to the Dragon Corps.
Meanwhile, in the Black Market, Charlie arrived frantically and met up with the Black Gorilla in a VIP room at the back of the
“Have you heard of Asmodeus barging into the Thompsons‘ place and kidnapping their daughter from right under their noses?”
Charlie asked.
Considering that the Thompsons sought out the help of many other major families to search for Roanne as soon as she went
missing, the news of Roanne’s kidnapping spread through the town like wildfire, so of course Charlie heard of it.
“Yes, I have! I even have firsthand news that Asmodeus has managed to evade the Thompsons‘ capture and has disappeared
where no one can find him,” the Black Gorilla added.
“That’s splendid! It’s no wonder that man is one of the best on the Criminal List. I can’t believe he managed to kidnap the
Thompsons‘ daughter from right under their noses and successfully escape. He’s talented! I’m sure the Thompsons must be
absolutely sick with worry now!” Charlie snickered triumphantly. Although the Thompsons and the Martells were not enemies, the
Martells worked with the Southern Boss, and considering the Southern Boss did not get along with the Thompsons, it was
natural that the Martells hated their guts too!
“Well, it’s not entirely Asmodeus‘ doing. His majesty Southern Boss should get credit too!” the Black Gorilla exclaimed, a glimmer
of malice flashing through his eyes.
The Southern Boss was so ashamed when he found out about the Black Gorilla’s unpleasant encounter with Yuri, and at that
time, he overheard the Southern Boss talking to his son about sending someone to punish
Although he did not hear of the Southern Boss contacting Asmodeus to do so, the fact that Asmodeus struck at this timing made
this seem more than a coincidence!

Besides, from what he heard, the reason Asmodeus managed to evade the Thompsons‘ capture was that he had someone
secretly helping him, and it would not be too hard to guess that the Southern Boss was probably behind this!
“The Southern Boss? What does he have to do with this?” Charlie echoed dubiously.
“Nothing. I was just speculating,” the Black Gorilla smiled and did not elaborate further.
After all, this was just his speculation, and he was not certain whether it was the whole truth. Besides, if word got out about his
theory and the Southern Boss himself heard of this, he would surely get into trouble!
“Alright, let’s stop with the chit–chat now! I’ve come here to ask you to do something for me–assassinate Leon Wolf!” Charlie

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