The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1587

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1587
“Nothing. It’s just that I crossed paths with this tyke once before, and I was wracking my head trying to figure out how to find him,
but then he shows up right at my doorstep!” the Black Gorilla chuckled.
“Well, I’ll be!” Charlie gasped, not at all suspicious of the Black Gorilla’s words. “Well, he has a piece of treasure with him that
gives him a defensive advantage, so you’d better be careful to not let him get away,” he added.
“Yes, I know! Don’t worry, he and I have met once before, and he was no match for me at that time! I can defeat him as easily as
swatting a fly, and there’s no way he’d escape on my watch!” the Black Gorilla sneered.
He injured Leon once already when trying to snatch the Spiritual Pearl from him, and if Yuri did not arrive at Leon’s aid just in
time, he would have gotten away with it!
Leon just got lucky and managed to get away with Yuri’s help, but now, he would not get lucky a second time!
This was why the Black Gorilla was so certain that he would succeed this time.
“Alright then. I’ll be awaiting good news!” Charlie sneered as a glimmer of malice flashed through his eyes.
He met Leon once at the Scammells‘, and knowing that Leon was not as powerful as they all thought, he knew it would be as
easy as ABC for the Black Gorilla, who was already at the Initial Emperor State, to defeat him!
There was no doubt about it–Leon would meet his end soon enough!
After leaving Thompson Mansion, Leon returned to the bungalow in the countryside, where Asmodeus hid.
Asmodeus‘ corpse lay in the same manner they left it–gnarled and grotesque, lying in a pool of blood in the living room.
To prevent staining his car, Leon found a set of clean sheets, which he intended to wrap Asmodeus‘ body in before handing it
over to the Dragon Corps.
It was also about time for him to check in with the Southern region’s division of the Dragon Corps too!
All of a sudden, a rustling sounded from behind him, and Leon leaped up in alarm.

“Who’s hiding in the yard? Show yourself!” Leon glanced sharply at a corner of the yard where he heard the
“Haha! Well, as weak as you are, you sure have good hearing, you twat!” the Black Gorilla cackled as he strode out of his hiding
spot. After leaving the Black Market, he sent his men in search of Leon’s whereabouts, and it did not take long to find him,
considering Charlie already did extensive research on Leon
for him.
Therefore, he managed to follow Leon from Thompson Mansion to this desolate part of town. Since Leon was driving quite fast,
and the Black Gorilla did not want to pounce on the road for fear of alerting the pedestrians, he decided to follow Leon to his
destination before striking!

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