The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1588

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1588
“It’s you!” Leon was stunned to see who it was. He never once dreamed that the Black Gorilla would be able to find Asmodeus‘
hiding spot, considering how recluse it was, but on second thought, he soon realized that the Black Gorilla must have followed
him there without his knowledge.
“Yes, it’s me! You didn’t think we’d meet again so soon, did you?” the Black Gorilla sneered. He did not know that this was
Asmodeus‘ hideout. All he could see was that this bungalow was very secluded, which was the perfect spot to kill someone
without anyone knowing!
He could not understand why Leon came to a place like this voluntarily, but it worked out incredibly in his
No one would find out if he murdered Leon here!
“What are you trying to do, Black Gorilla?” Leon asked, trying to understand his intentions.
“What do you think? If you want to live, you’d better hand over the Luminous Pearl right this second, and I might consider letting
you go, but if you don’t, I’m going to chop you into pieces and feed you to the dogs!” Black Gorilla cackled, and a glimmer of
greed flashed through his eyes at the mention of the treasure.
Then, he took a step forward, blocking the living room exit. This was the only way in and out of the living room, and as long he
sealed it off, Leon would have no way of escaping.
“You’re here for the treasure!” Leon gasped. He thought the Black Gorilla came all the way to snatch the Spiritual Pearl from him,
but unbeknownst to Leon, the Black Gorilla was under Charlie’s orders to assassinate him, and the treasure was just a
coincidental reward he would get out of it!
“Shut up, you twat! If you don’t hand over the treasure right now, I’ll slice you into pieces!” he snarled.
“You? That’s the world’s funniest joke I’ve ever heard!” Leon scoffed, ignoring the Black Gorilla’s threat entirely.
He was familiar with the Black Gorilla’s powers, and although he was no match for the Black Gorilla at all, he had Master
Haslewood’s Potential Energy Force with him, and defeating the Black Gorilla would be as easy
as ABC!

Unfortunately, after slaughtering Asmodeus, Leon had only one Potential Energy Force left, and he was not willing to waste it
defeating someone as insignificant as the Black Gorilla!
However, now that the Black Gorilla threatened to kill him for the treasure, Leon had no choice but to use up his final Potential
Energy Force in defense!
“I can’t believe how cocky you are! Well, if you have a death wish, I’ll gladly fulfill you!” the Black Gorilla was utterly infuriated by
Leon’s attitude. Then, without another word, he unleashed a surge of powerful energy
in Leon’s direction!
It was clear that he intended to kill Leon once and for all, and claim the treasure as his own!
However, the next moment, his gaze shifted, and he caught sight of Asmodeus‘ corpse lying in the pool of blood next to Leon.

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