The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1589

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1589
“As–Asmodeus?” the Black Gorilla widened his eyes in horror, and he immediately froze in his tracks.
Although he never met Asmodeus in person before, all the villains on the Criminal List were among the most wanted of the
Dragon Corps and thus had their true identities exposed to the public long ago to aid capture.
Asmodeus‘ half–monster mask was his most striking feature, and seeing it on the dead body before him made the Black Gorilla
certain that this was none other than the legendary Asmodeus himself!
“Asmodeus is dead? This can’t be!” the Black Gorilla was utterly stunned by this. He rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he
was seeing. According to what he heard, Asmodeus successfully evaded the Thompsons‘ capture and escaped, so he never
dreamed that the sly and cunning Asmodeus would have met his end so
This was unbelievable!
He would never have believed this was true if he did not see it with his own two eyes!
The next moment, the Black Gorilla glanced first at Asmodeus’s body, then at Leon, and a frightening thought popped into his
“Did you kill Asmodeus?” he gasped. He wondered why Leon would come to such a secluded part of town, but now, he finally
realized that this was probably Asmodeus‘ hiding spot!
Judging by how familiar Leon seemed with this area, this was surely no coincidence, and there was only one explanation for
this–Leon slaughtered Asmodeus!
“So what if I did? He’s bound to meet his end in some way or another!” Leon sneered. He intended to use his final Potential
Energy Force on the Black Gorilla, but at the mention of Asmodeus, he suddenly recalled the Cuff of Doom that he swiped from
Asmodeus‘ body!
Since he had an Almighty Weapon with him, why bother to waste his last Potential Energy Force that Master
Haslewood gave him?

“So it was you! This can’t be!” the Black Gorilla was utterly stunned to hear this. He long since heard of Asmodeus‘ greatness–he
was one of the rare few in the city to have attained the Semi Almighty State, and even possessed a legendary weapon known as
the Cuff of Doom, which was capable of unleashing attacks at the tier of the Almighty State!
Not even an Almighty Warrior could defeat Asmodeus as easily as one thought, which was why Asmodeus managed to pull off a
feat as impressive as kidnapping the Thompsons‘ daughter from right underneath
their noses!
However, Asmodeus died at the hands of Leon, a virtually nameless young man!
One could only imagine his shock at this realization, but on second thought, he realized something was
“Don’t try to scare me, you twat! I’ve seen you fight before, and there’s no way you killed someone as powerful as Asmodeus!”
the Black Gorilla soon got ahold of himself. Although he was not too certain of Leon’s power level, judging from the way he
managed to injure Leon with a single blow while trying to steal the Spiritual Pearl from him, he was no doubt much less powerful
than him!
How could someone like Leon possibly have killed the great Asmodeus? This did not make sense!

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