The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1590

he Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1590
But Mona wanted the ticket so badly that she feared Tessa would give it to someone else, so Mona tried flattering Tessa
cheekily, “Tessa, you know you’re the best. Can you bring the ticket to me? Please…” Mona acted all lovey-dovey over the
Tessa tried holding back a smile, but there was a hint of pampering in her tone. “Okay, I’ll bring it over.”
Unexpectedly, as soon as she arrived at the Hathaway Philharmonic building, she saw Hathaway coming out from the building.
She was stunned for a while and subsequently became a little hesitant. She wanted to say hello but was worried that Miss
Hathaway would not want to see her.
Just when Tessa hesitated, Hathaway also saw Tessa and walked over to her. “You’re here to see Mona?”
Hathaway knew that Tessa and Mona had always kept in touch, so she did not find it strange that Tessa was there.
Tessa nodded, but there was an indescribable feeling in her heart. She never expected Miss Hathaway to take the initiative to
greet her.
“How have you been recently?” Tessa asked.
“Very good. How’s everything at the Sofia Symphony? When will you be able to perform with the group?” Hathaway could not
help but care about Tessa, who once was the student she used to be most proud of.
Tessa naturally noticed it and replied, smiling, “There will be a performance soon.”
“All the best with your performance, Tessa.”
The two exchanged civility and separated.
After seeing Hathaway off, Tessa turned and entered the building.
“Isn’t this Tessa? Why is she here?”
“What’s she here for? Looking for the music director?”
“Well, she left just now. How about we let her know? Perhaps she may catch the director.”

“Why? Do you know her that well?”
Others gossiped around Tessa when they saw her. Some comments were good, but the others not so.
Tessa heard the gossip vaguely and pursed her lips slightly. She chose to ignore them and quickened her pace. She thought of
giving the ticket to Moan and leaving after that so as not to cause unnecessary conflict. But it was at that moment that she met
Cindy head-on.
“Tessa! The audacity you have to appear here!” The moment Cindy saw Tessa, her eyes were filled with hatred. “Who allowed
you to come in? F*ck off now!”
Tessa frowned at the vulgarity, but she tried to explain. “I’m just here to find someone. I’ll leave after that.” As she was replying to
Cindy, she tried walking past her, but Cindy was quick to grab her arm.
“I said, you are not welcome here. Get. Out.” Cindy pushed Tessa.
Tessa staggered two steps back and was visibly annoyed at how Cindy treated her, but Mona rushed out of the crowd before she
could say anything.
“Cindy, what are you doing? How can you push Tessa?!” Mona angrily reprimanded Cindy, then turned her head and asked,
“Tessa, are you alright?”
“I’m fine.” Tessa nodded. Luckily, she was on guard when she felt Cindy’s hand on her arm.
Cindy got even angrier when she saw Mona defending Tessa like that. “Mona, which side are you on? You are siding with her!
Have you forgotten that this woman is a sinner?!”
Cindy glared at Tessa ghastly, and her tone filled with a grudge. “If it weren’t for this b*tch, Hathaway Philharmonic would still be
the first-class band.”
“Cindy, don’t go around slandering people. What happened to the band was not Tessa’s fault!” Mona confronted Cindy angrily.
“You’re just jealous that Tessa is better than you.”
“What the?! You’re saying I’m jealous of this b*tch?!” Cindy exploded like a cat whose tail was stepped on upon hearing that.
She glared at Mona angrily while gnashing her teeth. “How come you’re helping Tessa? You’re part of the Hathaway
Philharmonic! Since you can’t help but curry favor with Tessa, you might as well leave the band and follow her!”

Mona was utterly shocked at Cindy’s words. On the other hand, Tessa was shocked by Cindy’s outburst for an entirely different
reason. She did not expect the Hathaway Philharmonic to fall out of the first-class band. Now she understood why the people did
not welcome her. But she did not think it was her fault that this happened. Kathleen started the feud, and she was just defending

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