The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1593

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1593
“You sure are good at bragging! You will regret this once you see the Southern Boss in person!” The Black Gorilla sneered at
Leon’s attitude.
He had no clue how Leon managed to kill Asmodeus, but was certain that the Southern Boss was far superior in strength
compared to Asmodeus. On top of that, the Southern Boss had countless subordinates in the Emperor States and even a few
loyal followers in the Almighty State.
With such a formidable army, even the Thompsons would have thought twice before crossing the Southern Boss; Leon would be
rendered helpless if he faced the Southern Boss’s wraith and the Black Gorilla struggled to understand how Leon could be so
“Alright. Save that talk! We’re here, so get out!” Leon scoffed and opened the car door to pull the Black Gorilla out, before
walking to the back of the car to retrieve Asmodeus’s body.
The Black Gorilla scanned his surrounding and soon realized where Leon brought him. “The National Security Department? Brat,
why are you taking me to the Dragon Corps? Are you going to hand me to the Dragon Corps?” He gaped.
He thought back to how Leon mentioned that he would be locked away for years and the realization dawned on him that Leon
intended to hand him over to the Dragon Corps.
“That’s right! Reflect on your mistakes here in the Dragon Corps! If you behave, they might let you go in a few years. If you
refuse to reflect on yourself, you will spend the rest of your life here!” Leon sneered.
“What?!” The Black Gorilla paled but snapped out of the initial shock almost immediately. “Don’t even try to scare me! The
Dragon Corps rarely interfere with personal grudges. Who are you to tell them what to do? Besides, I didn’t commit any severe
crime, so why would they lock me away?” The Black Gorilla smirked.
As one of the most infamous martial artists, he committed countless vicious acts, but he never did anything that would provoke
the Dragon Corps. He was a careful man and was careful not to leave any evidence of his crimes behind.
Without proof, the Dragon Corps would not lock him away even if Leon handed him over to them.
“Just because you attacked me twice! That’s more than enough!” Leon said calmly.

“Is that so? Let’s see if the Dragon Corps is going to lock me up over that!” The Black Gorilla scoffed.
He indeed attacked Leon to rob him of the Spiritual Pearl, but he did not cause Leon any actual da. Since the world of martial
artists valued strength above everything, the Dragon Corps rarely interfered so long as there were no severe damage to anyone.
Hence, the Black Gorilla did not believe that the Dragon Corps would punish him with imprisonment over such an insignificant
Concerned that Leon might change his mind, he white–knuckled through his pain and started walking toward the National
Security Department.
The Dragon Corps valued justice and without actual proof of his crimes, the Black Gorilla knew that it was likely for the Dragon
Corps to release and he would be far safer in the hands of the Dragon Corps in comparison to being at Leon’s mercy.
In his mind, he decided that Leon was foolish for taking him to the Dragon Corps.

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