The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1596

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1596
“That’s not possible! This isn’t real!” The Black Gorilla paled as all strength was drained from him and he collapsed onto the
He did not know much about Leon, but Charlie gave him detailed information about Leon before the Black Gorilla was sent to
assassinate Leon.
It was written on the document that Leon was merely a relative of the Scammells; not only was he weak, but he also came from
a small city and had no support in the southern region.
However, not only did Leon kill Asmodeus, who was extremely powerful, he proved himself to be a Dragon Guard of the Dragon
The Black Gorilla could not imagine how someone with such influence and power would be referred to as weak and he resented
Charlie for misleading him.
“Sir, we didn’t know about you. We apologize if we’ve offended you,” Captain Scots said, before handing the Dragon Guard
Badge back to Leon respectfully.
The other guards, especially the two who interacted with Leon at the very beginning, felt nervous about‘ offending Leon.
“It’s fine! This is the first time I’ve shown up here, so, normally, you don’t know me.” Leon shook his head and threw the body
wrapped in a blanket onto the ground.
“Captain Scots, the dead body of Asmodeus is inside and I want to trade it with contribution points. How do I do that?” Leon
“What?! Asmodeus?! Sir, are you talking about the same Asmodeus who’s one of the eight top criminals here in Sky County?”
Captain Scots was shocked and before Leon had the chance to answer, he unfolded the blanket and saw Asmodeus’s lifeless
body inside.
Through the demon mask covering half his face, Captain Scots instantly recognized Asmodeus. “It’s Asmodeus! Sir, did you kill
him?” Captain Scots’s jaw dropped as he questioned in disbelief.
The others were just as shocked and turned to gape at one another.

“Yeah. That’s right!” Leon nodded.
Captain Scots and the other guards were shaken to the core.
As members of the National Security Department, they knew a lot about Asmodeus.
Not only did Asmodeus reach the Semi Almighty State, but he was also known to be sly and was great at covering his tracks. On
top of that, he owned an extremely rare treasure, the Cuff of Doom, which made him even more formidable.
Therefore, despite the Dragon Corps‘ effort in ambushing Asmodeus, they failed miserably and two martial artists died at the
hands of Asmodeus in the process.
It was beyond their comprehension how a young man like Leon would be capable of killing someone so powerful and ruthless.
“Captain Scots, you haven’t answered my question. How do I get contribution points?” Leon asked, drawing Captain Scots’s
attention back to him.

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