The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1599

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1599
“Private matters? As a Dragon Guard of the Dragon Corps, are your matters more important than work? Can’t you tell which is
your priority?” Alfred was furious when he saw how careless Leon was.
“Well, I’m just non–staff personnel who isn’t important to the operation of the Dragon Corps, so my matters take precedence!”
Leon deadpanned.
When Master Haslewood coaxed him into joining the Dragon Corps, he was promised that the Dragon Corps would not restrict
his freedom as long as he agreed to join.
“Why you!” Alfred was livid, but could not argue because Leon was recommended by Master Haslewood, who specifically
mentioned not restricting Leon’s freedom.
Naturally, his impression of Leon could not be worse when he saw a young man like Leon who had no true talent or ambition.
“Forget it. Just remember that there won’t be another exception next time!” Alfred snorted.
Out of his respect for Master Haslewood, he could not punish Leon over such a minor matter and gave up on the discussion.
“Noted, Sir,” Leon said while nodding casually.
Alfred was frustrated by how he was dismissed and ignored Leon to turn his attention to Captain Scots instead. “Captain Scots,
do you need something?”
“Mister Glasbey, Mister Wolf has eliminated one of the top eight criminals on the criminal list, Asmodeus, and here’s the report
for the identification of the body he brought,” Captain Scots said and handed the report over.
“What? Asmodeus is killed?!” Alfred gaped in disbelief but soon processed the entire sentence that Captain Scots said and stood
abruptly. “Captain Scots, did you just say that Leon killed Asmodeus? Is that true?” He grabbed the report and started going
through every detail in awe.
“Yes. It’s true!” Captain Scots nodded.
“What the!” Alfred’s eyes darted from the report in his hands to Leon and was utterly stunned.

He started to develop a poor impression of Leon because Leon seemed to have joined the Dragon Corps through connections
and did not report to the base in time. To his bewilderment, Leon managed to eliminate one of the top eight criminals, Asmodeus.
“Good! That’s great!” Alfred recovered from the initial shock and burst out laughing.
Not only was Asmodeus powerful but he was also known to be sly and he even owned an extremely rare treasure, the Cuff of
Doom, which made him even more formidable. Despite the Dragon Corps‘ effort in ambushing Asmodeus, they failed and lost
two powerful martial artists in the process; yet Leon somehow managed to eliminate Asmodeus.
It was hardly an overstatement that Leon resolved what troubled Alfred for years on his first day at the Dragon Corps branch in
the southern region.
Instantly, all of Alfred’s prejudice against Leon vanished.

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