The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1604

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1604
Leon was caught off guard and was far too weak in comparison, so he fell backward before he could register what had
The two men fumbled slightly but anchored themselves soon after.
“Kid, are you blind or something?!” A rough–looking man roared.
“You two are the ones who are blind!” Leon scowled and stood up in frustration.
“How dare you argue…” The man was furious, but his companion stopped him before he had the chance to lose his temper.
His companion, on the contrary to the man, looked gentle and understanding. “Abraham, it’s just a small accident. Why are you
getting all riled up?” The man said before flashing Leon an apologetic smile, “We are in a bit of a hurry, young man. We didn’t
mean to bump into you. Do forgive us.”
“It’s fine.” Since the other man seemed friendly, the tension on Leon’s face eased, and he strode off.
Abraham was agitated as he watched Leon leave. “Oliver, why did you do that? I don’t even recognize that kid. He is probably a
new ordinary Dragon Guard. He has no manners at all! It’s bad enough that he didn’t bow when he saw us. Why would you
apologize to him? That doesn’t make sense!” Abraham protested angrily.
He did not know who Leon was, but since Leon seemed young, he had assumed that Leon was an ordinary Dragon Guard.
Both Abraham Scottson and Oliver Jelphs were second–level Gold Dragon Guards, and all ordinary Dragon Guards were
required to bow to them. However, Loen had not shown them any respect, and Abraham was fuming.
“Forget it. We are in a hurry to see Mister Glasbey, so just let it go!” Oliver shook his head with a smile.
He knew that Abraham was hot–tempered, so he did not bother arguing.
“That’s right! We need to keep our heads in the game!” Abraham’s rage depleted as soon as it rose, and he immediately darted
toward Alfred’s office with Oliver.
Inside the office, Alfred poured himself a glass of water after Leon left and heard someone knocking on the door.

Oliver and Abraham came in and bowed. “Greetings, Mister Glasbey.”
“Oliver? Why are you two here?” Alfred asked in confusion.
“Mister Glasbey, we heard that one of the top eight criminals, Asmodeus, has been eliminated! Is that true?” Abraham asked
“That’s right! Asmodeus is dead. His death will be announced later and I will inform the central region branch to remove his name
from the criminal list!” Alfred nodded.
Asmodeus was one of the criminals on the criminal list, and there were a total of five regions in Sky County. Apart from
announcing Asmodeus’s death, he needed to inform the Dragon Corps branches in other regions. about it as well to prevent
them from wasting resources on the search for Asmodeus.

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