The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1605

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1605
“That’s great! The gods are just! He is finally dead!”
Both Abraham and Oliver burst into joyous laughter at Alfred’s words.
Oliver was usually composed but seemed more excited than Abraham and started tearing up.
Two powerful martial artists had been killed on the mission to eliminate Asmodeus in the past, and one of them was Oliver’s
elder brother, while the other one was a relative of Abraham. Hence, when they heard that Asmodeus had been killed, they both
rushed to see Alfred in person.
“Mister Glasbey, who killed him? Where is this person right now?” Oliver asked eagerly, desperately wanting to find the person
who avenged his brother.
“Well…” Alfred hesitated. He could empathize with how the two men before him felt, but Leon preferred to keep a low profile, and
Alfred was in no position to tell them anything about Leon.
“Oliver, it’s classified information! Don’t ask any more questions,” Alfred said.
“Classified? Why?”
Both Abraham and Oliver were shocked and turned to look at each other in confusion.
Asmodeus was one of the top criminals in Sky County, and anyone who managed to eliminate such a threat should be proud of
themselves. They could not understand why Alfred would hide the person’s identity.
“It’s just classified! There’s no specific reason!” Alfred rolled his eyes.
“But… Mister Glasbey, you know our background. Please tell us who killed Asmodeus. We want to thank this hero in person,”
Oliver pleaded earnestly.
“Yeah! Just tell us, Mister Glasbey! We promise that we will never breathe a word to another soul!” Abraham begged.
“But…” Alfred took a sip of his water and fell into silence.

Though Leon’s identity was best concealed, he understood how Oliver and Abraham felt, and it would be unreasonable for him
to deny them the chance to show their gratitude.
Since Leon had been promoted and became a Platinum Dragon Guard, he would need two subordinates to assist him, and
Abraham and Oliver were perfect for the positions. Since the two were to become Leon’s subordinates, it did not seem to matter
for them to learn about Leon’s true identity.
“Alright, I will tell you! Leon Wolf was the one who killed Asmodeus. He’s the young man who just walked out of my office! I’m
sure you’ve run into him just now, right?” Alfred said.
The two stepped into his office almost as soon as Leon left, so it was not hard to guess that the three had run into one another
outside the door.
“What? Him?!”
“How is that possible?!”
Abraham’s and Oliver’s jaws dropped. They both knew how powerful Asmodeus was and that only martial artists in the Almighty
State or above could defeat him.
None of them had ever expected a young man like Leon to be the hero who defeated Asmodeus. It was so far beyond their
imagination that they struggled to comprehend Alfred’s words.

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