The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1609

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1609
“Mister Wolf, we can never repay what you’ve done for us… From now on, just let us know whatever you need and we will do our
best to deliver…” Oliver and Abraham said earnestly.
Not only had Loen avenged the deaths of their loved ones, but Leon had also become their direct superior, and they were both
more than willing to head Leon’s every command.
“You don’t have to be so serious…” Leon shook his head with a smile when an idea popped up in his mind. “I do have something
that I need your help with, though!
“What is it?”
“Anything you want, Sir!”
Oliver and Abraham both said.
“The Black Gorilla has committed countless crimes, but refuses to admit to any of them! Look into his past in the next few days
and gather as much proof as you can! I want him to remain in prison for the rest of his life!” Leon commanded fiercely.
He had meant to be merciful and tried to offer the Black Gorilla a chance to reflect on his faults, but he refused to do so, which
enraged Leon.
‘If that’s the case, he can rot in prison for the rest of his life!‘ Leon thought.
“Yes!” Oliver and Abraham said in unison.
“Don’t…” The Black Gorilla collapsed onto the ground, feeling as though he had been struck by lightning.
He had only dared to challenge Leon’s authority because he assumed that Leon was at too low a level to rival the Southern
Boss, who was the ruler of the southern region.
The Dragon Corps was dedicated to maintaining order and would rarely attack people as influential as the Southern Boss over
insignificant matters. However, Leon had transformed into a Platinum Dragon Guard, putting him on the very top of the pyramid,
and even the Southern Boss would have to be cautious around

Even if Leon were determined to kill the Black Gorilla, the Southern Boss would not be able to protect him.
All underground activities fell in the gray areas of the legal system, and though the Black Gorilla had been careful, the Dragon
Corps was more than capable of finding proof of his crimes in order to sentence him to prison for the rest of his life.
“Leon…Wait, no. Mister Wolf, I confess. I am willing to confess…” the Black Gorilla shouted, the arrogance on his face vanishing
without a trace.
Though he might face imprisonment for a few years if he confessed to his crime, it was a far more desirable option in comparison
to a lifetime sentence, and he was smart enough to tell the difference.
“Why haven’t you done so earlier? It’s too late for a confession!” Leon sneered and ignored the Block Gorilla before turning to
leave with Oliver and Abraham.
He had given the Black Gorilla multiple chances to confess to his crimes, but since the Black Gorilla refused to take the chances,
Leon saw no point in being merciful.
“But…” The Black Gorilla gaped.
He had finally offered to confess but did not expect Leon to lose patience and refuse to listen.
Instantly, he realized just how foolish he had been to cross Leon, but it was all too late.

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