The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1611

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1611
“Mister Wolf, I’ve told you everything that I know. Please give me a chance!” the Black Gorilla pleaded.
“Black Gorilla, seeing how sincere you seem to be, I will give you another chance! Behave and the Dragon Corps will let you out
for a few years. Refuse to reflect on your mistakes and you will spend the rest of your life here!” Leon scoffed.
“Yes. Thank you…‘ Relieved, the Black Gorilla relaxed.
Though Leon had not made any promises, it was enough to indicate that he was given another chance, and the Black Gorilla
knew that he would be freed in a few years‘ time.
“Captain Scots, come inside,” Leon called out.
Captain Scots and a few other guards had been waiting outside the holding cell while Leon confronted the Black Gorilla. They
strode in at Leon’s command, and Leon simply handed the Black Gorilla over to Captain Scots. “Captain Scots, the Black Gorilla
has admitted to his crimes. I will leave the rest to you.”
“Yes, Sir,” Captain Scots said before taking the Black Gorilla for the following procedures.
Once they left, Leon turned his attention to Abraham and Oliver.
“Abraham, Oliver, please keep your eyes on the Southern Boss and keep him occupied in case he is plotting something…” Leon
Since the Black Gorilla had confirmed that Charlie was the one who ordered the attack on him, Leon realized that the Southern
Boss might be targeting him.
Charlie was hardly significant, and Leon was not worried about him at all.
It was the Southern Boss whom he feared. The Southern Boss had tremendous influence over the southern region and had the
support of the Martells, so the Dragon Corps would never attempt to eliminate the Southern Boss simply for Leon’s sake.
Leon planned on sending Abraham and Oliver to warn the Southern Boss, hoping that the Southern Boss. would leave him be in
the future; however, if the Southern Boss continued to cause troubles, Leon was determined to make him pay once he had
grown strong enough.

“If possible, please try to track down the other criminals on the list and let me know whenever you find something,” Leon added.
After accepting the promotion to Platinum Dragon Guard, he used all his contribution points and needed to
earn more.
The fastest way to do so was to hunt down the people on the criminal list, and he was not worried about defeating the other
He had one Potential Energy Force left and had taken Asmodeus’s weapon, the Cuff of Doom, for himself, so Leon was
confident that he stood a chance against other criminals on the list.
“Yes, Sir,” Abraham and Oliver said in unison.
They exchanged contacts, and Leon left the Dragon Corps base.
Shortly after he left, Alfred announced that the Dragon Corps had eliminated Asmodeus without mentioning
Leon’s name, and the martial artists‘ community was shaken.

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