The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1612

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1612
Meanwhile, in the Southern Boss’s mansion, the Southern Boss and Rodney were celebrating the trouble they had caused the
“Dad, this is great! Not only has Asmodeus wreaked havoc in the Thompsons Mansion, but he has also even captured Roanne
Thompson! We have finally gotten revenge for all the troubles they caused us in the past!” Rodney said.
“That’s right! As expected of one of the top eight criminals. Asmodeus doesn’t disappoint!” The Southern Boss nodded with a
satisfied smile.
“It’s just a shame that Asmodeus didn’t kill Yuri, or we would have even more to celebrate!” Rodney said.
The Thompsons and the Spears had always been enemies, and Yuri had been superior in all possible aspects compared to
Rodney, so Rodney had always seen Yuri as his rival and felt frustrated that Asmodeus did not eliminate Yuri.
“It’s fine. Asmodeus told me that this is just the beginning! When he has the chance, he will surely get rid of Yuri Thompson for
us!” The Southern Boss smirked.
Yuri was merely a junior, and the Southern Boss did not care much about him. Still, since Yuri was the brightest of his generation
in the Thompsons, the Thompsons would erupt into chaos if Yuri was killed, and that was exactly what the Southern Boss wished
to see.
“Good, then.” Rodney beamed.
Asmodeus was infamous for his ruthlessness, and with the Southern Boss’s support, Rodney knew that he would eventually be
rid of Yuri and there was no rush to it.
“Rodney, tell the servants to prepare a feast! We are going to have a celebration!” The Southern Boss laughed.
“Sure,” Rodney said and started to walk out of the living room. However, before he was out of the room, guard hurried inside.
“Southern Boss, Mister Rodney, bad news…” The guard said hastily.
“Bad news? What happened?” Rodney stilled and asked.

“I’ve just received the announcement from the Dragon Corps here in the southern region that Asmodeus, one of the criminals on
the criminal list, has been killed,” the guard continued.
Both the Southern Boss and Rodney were stunned.
“What did you just say? Asmodeus was killed? Really?” Shocked, the Southern Boss stood abruptly in
“Yes, it was a hundred percent confirmed…” The guard nodded and explained the announcement in detail.
“How is this possible?!”
The Southern Boss and Rodney gaped in disbelief.
The Southern Boss had been observing the entire situation and sent his subordinates to assist Asmodeus in secret. Asmodeus
had escaped safely at the time, and no one had ever expected him to die out of the blue

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