The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1613

he Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1613
“What’s going on?! Do the Thompsons have some powerful martial artists hidden who tracked Asmodeus down afterward? This
shouldn’t be happening!” The Southern Boss recovered from the shock, and his expression darkened.
He had doubts that the Thompsons had other tricks up their sleeves but immediately cast the thought aside.
Asmodeus was formidable, and it was impossible for the Thompsons to kill him without alerting the
Southern Boss.
“Did the Dragon Corps mention who it was that killed Asmodeus?” the Southern Boss questioned darkly.
“They didn’t say. The announcement only says that a martial artist in the Dragon Corps did it…” the guard said respectfully.
“A martial artist in the Dragon Corps?” The Southern Boss was shocked.
Asmodeus’s attack on the Thompsons had been abrupt, and he had not remained for long, so it was unlikely for the Dragon
Corps to be alerted. Hence, the Southern Boss had his full attention on the Thompsons and did not worry about the Dragon
Corps at all.
Realization dawned on him that the Dragon Corps might have been tracking Asmodeus all along and took the opportunity to kill
At that moment, the Southern Boss was certain that the Dragon Corps was responsible for Asmodeus’s death, and no one else
would have done so.
“Damn it! I’ve been too careless and allowed the Dragon Corps to take advantage of the situation!” The Southern Boss’s
expression darkened, and he slammed his fist against the table, causing it to split in half.
He had been pleased by Asmodeus’s attack and was even about to celebrate, only for his mood to be destroyed by the news of
Asmodeus’s death.
“Dad, what should we do now?” Rodney asked.
“Forget it! Asmodeus is expandable. I don’t care if he is dead!” The Southern Boss took a deep breath and regained his

The Southern Boss and Asmodeus were only using one another, and since Asmodeus was not his subordinate, he did not care
much about Asmodeus’s death.
His only regret was that Asmodeus was killed too soon at the hands of the Dragon Corps before he could cause more trouble for
the Thompsons.
The Southern Boss resented the Dragon Corps for destroying his plan but knew better than to challenge an organization as
powerful as the Dragon Corps.
“I guess we should just let it go.” Rodney nodded.
Like his father, Rodney was reluctant to give up but knew that there was no other option.
“Our attack on the Thompsons will be placed on hold for now! Right now, we need to find a way to make Cynthion Group ours!”
the Southern Boss said sternly.
The Thompsons were equally influential as the Spears, and with Asmodeus dead, the Southern Boss could not possibly provoke
the Thompsons into war.
In the meantime, the Energy Nurturing Pills produced by Cynthion Group were of utmost importance.
If the Southern Boss could take control of Cynthion Group, not only would he gain enormous revenue from the company, he
would be able to increase Spears‘ influence in the region with the Energy Nurturing Pills.
“Rodney, send words to Charlie and the Black Gorilla, and get them to come to me right now! I need to know how the
assassination of Leon Wolf went!” The Southern Boss commanded.
“Sure,” Rodney said before leaving the room.

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