The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1615

the Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1615
“Charlie, what is going on? Didn’t you say that the Black Gorilla is hunting Leon down? How did he end up with the Dragon
Corps?” The Southern Boss snapped out of it and turned to stare at Charlie sharply.
“I… I don’t know.” Charlie could not help but shiver under the Southern Boss’s intimidating presence.
He knew the extent of Leon’s power, and if the Black Gorilla had carelessly let Leon escape, it would be understandable.
However, the Black Gorilla had been captured shortly after he was sent to assassinate Leon, and Charlie could not be more
confused about the situation.
“Dad, can Leon be connected to the Dragon Corps somehow?” Rodney suggested.
“Yeah… That’s possible!” Alarmed, the Southern Boss instantly became skeptical about Leon’s identity.
The Black Gorilla was sent to kill Leon. He would not be captured by the Dragon Corps unless Leon was linked to the Dragon
“I don’t think so. Southern Boss, I’ve looked into Leon’s background and he is just a nobody who came from a small city. He has
no ally here in the southern region! He can’t possibly be connected to the Dragon Corps… “Charlie said before explaining
everything he knew about Leon.
All the information he received had been from Nigel, and since Leon was dating Iris, Charlie assumed that the Scammells knew
Leon well and did not think that there would be any issue with the information provided by Nigel.
“How do you explain this, then?”
Both the Southern Boss and Rodney were confused.
Just then, they heard footsteps approaching again, and another guard strode in.
“Southern Boss, Mister Rodney, I’ve just received reports from our men that one of our shops has been closed down by two Gold
Dragon Guards and they have ordered us to stop all business temporarily…”
The Southern Boss and Rodney stood from their seats in shock.

First, Asmodeus was killed by the Dragon Corps without their knowledge; next, the Black Gorilla was captured and imprisoned
by the Dragon Corps. Finally, even shops run by the Spears were ordered to close down.
The series of horrible news caught them by surprise, and they were both at their wits‘ end.
“How is this happening? Why would the Dragon Corps close our shops down? Are they declaring war against us? But… why?”
The Southern Boss paled.
Even a fool could tell that the Dragon Corps seemed to be targeting him. However, the Dragon Corps aimed to maintain order
and uphold justice, so its members rarely interfered with personal conflicts between martial artists.
Considering how influential the Southern Boss was, the Dragon Corps would never attack him without a proper reason, or the
Southern Boss might wreak havoc and cause countless casualties, which was not something that the Dragon Corps wished to

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