The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1617

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1617
Meanwhile, by the time Leon arrived home from the Dragon Corps base, it was already in the evening, and both Cynthia and
Ruth had returned from work.
Together with Snow and Iris, the four were sitting in the living room while they waited for Leon to return.
Leon had gone to the Thompsons Mansion to treat Roanne and invite the Thompsons to be shareholders of Elegante Group, but
he had not been home since he left, and they were worried.
Shortly after, they heard a car approaching and realized Leon was back.
He parked his car and strode into the living room.
“Leon, what took you so long?”
The four women immediately stood from their seats to welcome him.
“Oh. Something happened with the Thompsons and it took me quite some time to settle it…” Leon proceeded to explain how
Asmodeus captured Roanne.
To prevent them from worrying, he simply mentioned that he saved Roanne with the help of other martial artists from the Dragon
Corps and did not tell the truth about him facing Asmodeus on his own; if Iris and the others found out that he narrowly escaped
death in the fight with Asmodeus, they would be upset with
him for being reckless.
“I didn’t even know something like that happened!”
“It’s a good thing that the bad guy is gone and Miss Thompson is alright…”
The four finally understood why Leon was home so late.
“By the way, Leon, how did it go when you asked the Thompsons to be shareholders for Elegante Group?”
Iris asked.
“Yeah. Angus agreed and is going to send Roanne to work in Elegante Group…” Leon said.

“Really?! That’s great!”
The women were excited.
Roanne was the eldest daughter of the Thompsons, and with her joining the Elegante Group, Angus would surely provide the
best resources to the company, which would benefit the company’s growth greatly.
Snow, on the other hand, remained skeptical. “Leon, Miss Thompson is just recovering from her condition and needs time to rest,
so why would she offer to join Elegante Group? Did you coax her into this because she is pretty?” she questioned pointedly.
“Coax? Snow, what are you talking about? Do I look like that kind of person to you?” Leon said with resignation.
“Who knows? All men are alike and you all want what you don’t have! No one knows if you are interested in Roanne Thompson!”
Snow said in contempt.
“I…” Leon opened his mouth to argue, but Ruth got ahead of him.
“Snow, is Roanne that pretty?” Ruth asked curiously.
Snow was the only one who had seen Roanne in person, and the other three had yet to have the chance.
“Well, yes! Not only is she pretty, but she also looks frail and any man would kill to protect her…” Snow nodded as she
complimented Roanne’s beauty.

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