The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625
“Well, the Southern Boss would like to put the second bloodline in power,” Charlie explained the situation.
Rick, Eugene, and Nigel were all stunned.
“Mister Martell, are you serious?”
“The Southern Boss is really going to put us in charge of the Scammells?”
The three sobered and still struggled to believe what they had just heard.
The Scammells were seen as an ordinary family, and in the eyes of someone as influential as the Southern Boss, they were
hardly significant, so they could not understand why the Southern Boss would help them in their pursuit of power.
“It is absolutely true!” Charlie nodded.
“But… why?” They gasped.
“It’s simple. The Southern Boss has his eyes on Cynthion Group. Pledge your loyalty to him and deliver the company to him
once you take charge of the family,” Charlie said.
“I see!”
The three came to a realization.
Cynthion Group had gained tremendous success on the previous sales drive, and its name had been known by all significant
families in the southern region.
They could all tell that Cynthion Group held great potential and market value, so it was normal for the Southern Boss to target
the company.
“Elder Scammell, do consider this offering! I will need an answer as soon as possible, whether it’s a yes or a no!” Charlie said.
“We will take it, of course!” Eugene blurted out.

“Elder Scammell, what about you?” Charlie turned to stare at Rick intently.
“Yes. The Scammells‘ second bloodline will pledge loyalty to the Southern Boss!” Rick said without
Ever since Rick and Eugene failed to take control of the family, an estrangement had developed between the first and second
bloodline of the Scammells.
After that, Leon broke Nigel’s legs, and both Patrick and Damian insisted on protecting Leon, which only deepened Rick’s
resentment toward them. However, since Patrick was the head of the family, Rick could only swallow his pride.
To his pleasant surprise, the Southern Boss was willing to place the second bloodline in positions of power, and Rick was not
going to let go of such a change.
“Good! You are opportunists! I’m not disappointed!” Charlie burst out laughing.
He had thought it would take some time to turn the second bloodline against the first bloodline of the
Scammells and did not expect Rick and Damian to agree right away, so he was overjoyed.

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