The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1627

he Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1627
“Ro, you came at the right time. Allow me to introduce Snow. You’ve met one another once in the
Thompsons Mansion before. This is Iris, my girlfriend. Iris, this is the eldest daughter of the Thompsons, Roanne Thompson,”
Leon introduced them with a smile.
“Girlfriend?” Roanne stilled.
After spending time with Leon, she had begun to develop feelings toward Leon and was surprised to find out that Iris was Leon’s
girlfriend. Instantly, she found herself stunned.
“Hello, Miss Thompson. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Iris greeted her gracefully with a smile.
“Oh… Hello, Iris. Since you are Leon’s girlfriend, you can call me Ro as he does!” Roanne sobered and forced a smile.
Though she liked Leon, it was a complicated combination of emotions that consisted of gratitude and dependency. She was
naive with little to no experience in romantic relationships, so she had only seen Leon as a reliable brother like Yuri. Apart from
feeling slightly disappointed, she did not feel overly upset about the fact that Leon had a girlfriend.
“Yeah. Snow said that you are of unparalleled beauty. I guess she wasn’t exaggerating!” Iris said.
“You are too kind, Iris. I couldn’t hold a candle to your beauty. You look like a goddess…” Roanne was pleased by her
compliment and had a great impression of Iris.
“Alright. I will make some arrangements for everyone’s duties! I will be the chairman, Iris will be the president and Snow will be
the vice president! Ro, you will be the president’s assistant for now. Try to learn from Iris as best as you can…” Leon said.
Just then, Snow interrupted him and said, “Hang on! I’m not an employee of Elegante Group, so I don’t want to be vice
president!” She rolled her eyes at Leon.
Snow had come to the southern region mainly for a change of scenery. Leon had been occupied with producing alchemical pills,
and she was happy to help with certain chores, but she had no intention of working for him.
“What do you want, then?” Leon asked.

“Make me the chairman’s assistant, then! Since you are my godbrother, I can help occasionally, but don’t even try to make me
your worker!” Snow said.
She knew Leon tended to leave his business at others‘ hands and figured that being his assistant would give her more freedom.
“Um… Alright, then.” Leon nodded.
He was a busy man and could not spare much time to manage his business, so having an assistant would help as he could
leave important matters in Snow’s hands when necessary.
Just then, Iris’s phone started ringing, so she took it out to answer the call.
After the call, Leon asked curiously, “Iris, who was it? What happened?”
“Sure. Go ahead,” Leon said without hesitation.
With that, Iris left the office and drove toward the Scammell Mansion alone.

“It’s from the Scammells. They said that Grandpa wants me to drop by the mansion…” Iris said.
“Sure. Go ahead,” Leon said without hesitation.
With that, Iris left the office and drove toward the Scammell Mansion alone.

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