The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1628

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1628
Outside the Scammell Mansion, Iris arrived and found two guards standing in her way.
“Miss Young, the elder is waiting for you in the meeting hall. Please follow us,” one of the guards said.
“Oh. Sure…” Iris said, feeling slightly confused.
She had been to the Scammell Mansion multiple times and knew the interior well enough to find the meeting hall on her own, so
she did not understand why Patrick would send two guards to lead the way.
She assumed that the guards simply took the initiative to lead the way out of the concern that she would get lost and followed
them inside.
Soon, she realized that something was wrong and stopped.
“Hang on! Aren’t you two taking me to Grandpa? I remember that this way leads to the house where members of the second
bloodline live, not the meeting hall! What’s going on?” Iris questioned.
“Miss Young, the elder is in a discussion with the second bloodline. Just follow us…” The two guards looked away guiltily.
“Oh? Is that so?” Iris’s confusion deepened
Ever since Leon broke Nigel’s legs, the first and second bloodlines of the Scammells had become enemies, and Patrick would
not go to the second bloodline unless it were absolutely necessary.
“Forget it! You two can return to your post! I will look for Grandpa or Uncle Damian on my own,” Iris said as she planned to check
with Damian.
“We can’t! Miss Young, the elder ordered us to take you there. Please don’t make this difficult for us…” the guards said.
“How am I making things difficult for you? I know my way around, so why can’t I look for Grandpa on my own?” Iris questioned
“Miss Young, you have to come with us!” The guards shook their heads.

They took a step forward and blocked Iris’s way to leave.
“What are you two doing?” Alerted, Iris’s expression darkened.
“Miss Young, please proceed ahead!” the guards said, their tone no longer respectful and started to sound like a threat.
“I guess something is wrong! I am going to ask Uncle Damian about this!” Iris said coldly before turning to head toward the house
where the first bloodline resided.
“Miss Young, you asked for this! If you insist on being difficult, don’t blame us for resorting to violence!”
Seeing how their lies were exposed, the guards showed their true intentions and charged toward Iris to grab her by the

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