The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1629

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1629
“The Initial Innate State!” Startled by the guards‘ energy, Iris instinctively backed away.
She had long reached the Advanced IThe Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1629The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By
Dragonsky Chapter 1629nnate State with Leon’s help, and the two guards before her were only in the Initial Innate State, so they
were far from capable of capturing her.
She darted away from their attack, but they refused to give up and turned to charge toward her again.
“Damn it! Enough is enough!” she roared coldly.
She was not experienced in battle and chose to back away by reflex when the guards turned on her. However, she had already
recovered from the initial shock, and since they were weaker than her, she had no fear and launched two attacks at the guards.
With a deafening sound, the true energy in her palms tore through the guards‘ attacks and slammed against their chests.
The two guards spewed blood from their mouths and were both sent flying into the distance.
Suffering from severe internal injuries, they felt agonizing pain radiating through their body, and both instantly lost the ability to
“The Advanced Innate State?”
“How is this possible?”
The two guards gaped as they lay sprawled across the ground.
When Leon and Iris first stepped foot into the Scammell Mansion, they had been in a fight with the Scammells‘ guards before,
and they assumed that Iris was powerless because she hid behind Leon’s back the
entire time.
To their bewilderment, despite her frail appearance, she had already reached the Advanced Innate State. The guards were
caught by surprise and were both rendered helpless before they could react.

“You brought this on yourselves!” Iris scoffed and ignored the guards as she turned to find Damian.
Just then, she heard someone chuckling. “Leaving so soon? It won’t be that easy!”
Three guards appeared with Nigel as they hurried over from the house where the second bloodline resided.
Among the three guards, one of them was Mister Umair, and the other two were Nigel’s personal bodyguards.
“Nigel! What is the meaning of this?” Iris’s expression darkened as an ominous feeling took over her.
“Cousin, since you are already here, you might as well come inside!” Nigel sneered.
He had arranged for two guards to coax Iris into walking into the second bloodline’s territory out of concern that she might alert
the first bloodline. To prevent anything from going wrong, he had arranged other guards along the way in case Iris escaped.
Reality proved that he had been right to be careful.
Not only had Iris realized that something was wrong, but she had also already reached the Advanced Innate State and almost
succeeded in running away.
However, Nigel came fully prepared, and since Iris was already on the premise of the second bloodline, she would not be able to

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