The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1631

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1631
“Wretch, you and Leon caused me to take a blow last time! It’s about time we settle the score today!” Umair let out a sneer
before he charged forward with impressive force, attacking Iris head–on.
He had already seen Iris defeating the two guards earlier and knew that Iris was only at the advanced Innate State!
He was already at the peak Innate State and close to becoming a Supreme Master as well. It would not be hard for him to deal
with Iris!
On top of that, he had taken a blow and spat out blood because he stopped Iris from entering when Leon and Iris first came to
the Scammells!
He had not forgotten that!
Because of that, he bore a big grudge against Leon and Iris!
The chance was here, and he was prepared to teach Iris a lesson. If he were lucky enough to catch Iris first, he would definitely
earn some praise and rewards from Nigel!
It was the perfect situation!
With Umair already attacking first, the other guards did not delay as they charged forward to capture Iris too. They wanted to
make sure they could report their success to Nigel later.
“Leon, it’s on you now…”
Iris paled when she felt the intense aura coming from the guards.
She was naturally too weak to stand up against the three of them!
However, Leon had thankfully been prepared and had carved out two pieces of Potential Energy Forces for her to defend herself!
However, she had never used them before, so she was a bit apprehensive, not knowing if they would work or
If they did not work, she would probably be captured by Nigel!

The next moment, Iris took out the jade pendant desperately, not hesitating to unleash it at the guards!
It was different from Master Haslewood’s.
Master Haslewood used true energy, and he was incredibly strong. The Potential Energy he carved in had an unrivaled
imperious aura around it that caused anyone to tremble in fear!
However, Leon was different. Leon practiced the sage arts.
Even though his Potential Energy Forces still carried an incredibly strong aura, regular martial artists would not be able to feel
the spiritual energy and immense power from it.
Because of that, the guards were caught completely off guard and were struck head–on by the attack!
With an intense clash, the Potential Energy Forces in Iris‘ hands managed to break through the guards‘ attacks and struck right
at them!
Of the three of them, Umair was only at the peak Innate State, while the others were slightly stronger. However, they were still
only initial Supreme Masters!
Leon’s Potential Energy Forces had power at the level of the initial Overlord State. That was more than several dozen times
stronger than the three of them!
There was no way they would be able to stand up to Leon’s power!
The next moment, all three of them spat out mouthfuls of blood as they were sent flying several meters away before slamming
into the ground!
Thankfully, Leon was not the one actually attacking. Otherwise, they would probably have died or been crippled by the attack!
Even so, the three of them were still heavily injured!

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