The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634
“Rick, why did you invite us here?” Donovan Scammell, the oldest of the elders, asked curiously.
The other elders looked at Rick curiously as well.
“Donovan, let’s be honest! Ever since Iris came back, Patrick had first given over a pharmaceutical company under our family
name to Leon, and then had even sided with Leon when he broke Nigel’s legs, not punishing Leon at all! I feel like he might be
getting old and losing touch with a lot of things. He’s no longer suited to be the head of our family! So, I asked all of you here to
consider giving the position of the family head to someone else!” Rick said calmly.
Based on the rules of the family, the elders of the Scammells had the right to revoke the power of the family
He wanted to gain their support this time because he could use their power to revoke Patrick’s position as the family head. Then,
he would be able to take over without any issues!
On the other hand, the elders controlled all of the forces related to the Scammells outside of the direct
Only with the support of the elders would he be able to control the family firmly, stopping any internal issues or conflicts!
The five elders were shocked to hear that and could not believe their ears.
Even though Rick and Eugene had tried to take over the family during Patrick’s banquet, it was only because Damian had been
crippled. Eugene merely wanted the position of the family’s heir and not the position of the family head.
That was still within reason!
However, Rick was actually after the family head position at that moment. It was no longer as simple as a matter of inheritance.
He was clearly trying to stage a coup!
“Rick, surely you aren’t trying to take over?!” Donovan had an unhappy look on his face as he spoke.

The fact that he did not directly accuse Rick of trying to stage a coup was already very polite!
“So what if I am? I’ll give you all one last chance. Either you support me or continue supporting Patrick! It’s up to you to make the
choice!” Rick said coldly.
This time, he had already made his full preparations. He was prepared to attack the first line on the day itself!
So, he no longer had any need to try and convince the elders. He would just show his cards!
“Rick, we’ve always been fair!”
“Ever since Iris came back, Leon’s already purchased so much from the Scammells. He’s given the family a lot of profit!”
“On top of that, Cynthion Group’s sales drive has even bolstered our reputation. It’s benefitted us in many ways!”
“From the current situation, our business has been booming under Patrick. We’ll definitely be able to profit
a lot!”
“Why would you want to confront him like that?!”
The five elders tried to advise Rick against staging a coup.
“So in the end, you’re all planning on supporting Patrick and Leon?” Rick was very frustrated.
“Yes, that’s right!”
“Patrick is wise and is a good leader. We’d definitely support him!” the five elders said without any
“Very well! Since you insist on that, then don’t fault me for not showing you mercy!” Rick said angrily.
“Rick, what do you mean?”
The elders‘ expressions darkened. They quickly felt like something was wrong.

“It’s very simple! Since you’re going to support Patrick, I’ll just have to get rid of you first!” Rick had a sinister and murderous glint
in his eyes.

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