The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1636

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1636
“Donovan, are you alright?”
The elders were shocked to see Donovan getting injured.
After that, they forced Rick back with one blow before they jumped out and hurriedly tried to help Donovan
1. up.
At that moment, a loud laugh was heard.
Charlie walked in right in with a prideful look on his face.
Behind him were two men who were about fifty years of age!
The two men had very sharp looks in their eyes and an impressive aura about them. It was obvious that they were quite strong!
“Brat, what are you?”
The elder’s expressions sank when they saw Charlie.
Earlier, they had seen that Donovan had been injured by one of the middle–aged men.
Other than that, Charlie might be known amongst the younger generation as the heir of the Martells, but they were all of the older
generations. They had never seen Charlie before, so they naturally did not know
who he was.
“Let me introduce you, this is the heir of the Martells, Charlie!” Rick let out a sneer as he walked over.
“What? The heir of the Martells?” The elders were all shocked to hear that.
Even though they did not know who Charlie was, they still knew of the Martells. They knew that the Martells were one of the
older ancient martial arts families in the Southern Region. That family was much stronger and more influential than the

Right after that, they quickly realized what had happened when they thought about it.
No wonder Rick was trying to stage a coup and even said he would get rid of them. Rick had the support of
“Rick, you actually worked with the Martells to cause trouble for the family! You’re just despicable!” Donovan shouted angrily.
Even though they did not know why the Martells were involved, there were no free meals in the world!
It was obvious to them that Rick must have offered them something from the family to gain their support!
Selling the family out like that was much worse than just an internal struggle!
“Cut the crap! The victors have always been the strong! I’ll ask you one last time, are you going to support me, or not?!” Rick
said coldly, still wanting to gain their support.
“You might be happy being a dog to the Martells, but we have no intention of doing so!”
“There’s no way we’ll support you!”
“That’s right, you should just give up on that thought!”
The five elders all spoke with great disdain in their eyes.
Rick was furious, thoroughly angered by how they were looking down at him.
It was not just him. Charlie was furious as well, and his expression immediately turned cold!
“A bunch of trash that doesn’t know your place! Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your wish! Anderson, Bill, get rid of these
stubborn old fools!” Charlie said coldly.
“Yes!” the men answered.
After that, they attacked at the same time, charging at the elders with impressive force!

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