The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1637

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1637
“Intermediate Emperor State!” The elders had a drastic change of expression when they felt the power coming from Anderson
and Bill.
They did not dare to hold back for a single moment as they started to fight the two of them.
It was an intense battle, and they quickly found themselves going through over ten exchanges.
Even though the five elders were quite strong, having already reached the Semi Emperor State, they were only good enough to
stand against two Initial Emperor State Martial artists at most!
Bill and Anderson were both already at the Intermediate Emperor State, and they were much stronger than
the elders!
The elders quickly found themselves on the losing end!
They were quickly defeated by those two and lost their ability to fight back!
Taking the chance, Rick quickly stepped forward and sealed their strength.
Even though the five elders were not willing to support him, the elders would be very useful considering their power and
influence. He was in no hurry to kill them.
The five elders represented the benefits of the whole family anyway!
As long as he managed to topple Patrick and Damian and take over, then the five elders would have to support him to prevent
the family from crumbling internally!
He was not worried at all!
“I’ve helped you deal with these five old men! How is capturing Iris going?” Charlie asked eagerly.
This time, he was helping the second line of descendants of the Scammells take power both because of the Southern Boss‘
order and to get Iris!
Everything was going very well, so he did not want any surprises when it came to Iris!

“Mister Martell, don’t worry. I’ve already ordered Nigel to capture Iris! If there are no surprises, he probably already has her!” Rick
said with a smile.
This time, Eugene, he, and Nigel were acting separately.
He was in charge of dealing with the five elders, while Eugene was going to mobilize the core figures he had managed to turn to
his side.
As for Nigel, all Nigel needed to do was to capture the weak Iris!
With that distribution of work, everything would go smoothly!
Of course, he knew of Iris‘ skills. With how strong Nigel was, capturing Iris would be incredibly easy!
He was not worried about anything at all!
“Very good!” Charlie started to laugh happily at that.
Just thinking about how he would get Iris soon, he was suddenly in a much happier mood!
However, before he could even finish laughing, Nigel rushed over in his wheelchair the next moment.
“Grandfather, this is very bad…”
Nigel rushed inside, looking very exhausted.
“Nigel, what happened?”
Rick was shocked to see how Nigel looked, and he had an uneasy feeling in his heart.
“Grandfather, 1-1 failed to capture Iris. I accidentally let her slip away…” Nigel said with an ashen look on his
Both Charlie and Rick were shocked to hear that. They could not believe their ears.
Charlie, in particular, quickly saw the happy expression freeze on his face!

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