The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 1638

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1638
“Nigel, you complete imbecile! Can’t you do something as simple as capturing a woman?!” Charlie was furious when he heard
His main goal for everything he did this time was to get Iris.
Yet, his main target had slipped away even though everything else had gone so smoothly. It was obvious how furious he was!
“Mister Martell, I’m so sorry. That wretch had some sort of strange technique. Even though I wasn’t a match for her, and I was
injured by her as well…” Nigel said before he explained everything.
Hearing that, Charlie was furious, but there was nothing he could do.
After all, Nigel had already done his best. It was just that no one expected Iris to be able to defeat Nigel, who was a peak
Supreme Master. It had put a huge wrench in their plans!
Nigel could not be completely blamed for that.
“Mister Martell, don’t be too angry! It’s not like she can run that far away anyway! Iris has already been tricked here. As long as
we topple the first line of descendants, it won’t be hard to capture her after that!” Rick hurriedly consoled.
“Yes, Grandfather is right! Earlier, I saw Iris rushing right for the first line right away. As long as we act quickly and surround
them, Iris won’t be able to flee that easily!” Nigel said in a hurry.
“Alright, time is of the essence. Let’s move right now!” Charlie said after taking a deep breath, calming down
a lot.
“Wait! We need to wait for Eugene to gather our forces before we make a move to prevent any accidents,”
Rick said with some hesitation.
However, before he even finished, he heard a collection of frantic footsteps. Eugene had hurried over with twenty to thirty of the

“We don’t have to wait anymore, I’ve already gathered all the men!” Eugene said.
“Yes, very well, prepare to move!” Rick no longer hesitated. With his order, all of them started to move
toward the first line’s residence.
Iris, however, immediately gave Leon a call after she escaped danger. She told Leon about the ambush as well as the possibility
that the second line was planning something.
Leon was shocked to hear that.
He had already seen that Eugene and Rick were incredibly ambitious when they tried to take over the first time. They were not
the type to accept what they were given.
When it came to that, Leon had tried very hard to convince Patrick to cut off that branch of the family, but Patrick had rejected it!
He could vaguely guess that them trying to ambush Iris could very well be related to them wanting to seize
power again!
So, he told Iris to be safe before he quickly drove over to the Scammells.
After hanging up, Iris did not hesitate to rush right over to the first line of descendants.
Even though Leon had told her to stay safe and not to be reckless, Patrick, Damian, and the rest were still related to her by
blood. She was incredibly worried.
She needed to check out the situation there first.

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